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4 Vendémiaire CCXXX
16 Shakespeare, 233
25 September Happy 69th Birthday. bell hooks

Off to See (and improve) the Wizorld
Service and Expedition Week Commences on Wednesday

Monday marks the beginning of our fall Service and Expedition Week, wherein students will be far afield in time and space - into the woods, onto the river, and even probing the future!  Here's a run-down:

Grade 9: We'll be providing environmental service in our local community, working with Vernon Trails, Mississippi Valley Conservancy, and Kickapoo Valley Reserve.  Students should wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and long pants.  Pack a lunch and water everyday.  We are looking for driver-chaperones for Tuesday and Thursday.  Please contact Matt if you can help.

Grade 10: We'll be paddling down the Wisconsin River between Spring Green and Prairie du Chien in an armada of borrowed canoes.  If you have questions, please contact Dave.  We are looking for a truck with some towing capacity and seating for Monday and Friday mornings (No driver needed).  Please contact Matt if you can help.

Grade 11: We'll be providing service and harvesting wild foods at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. We are looking for driver-chaperones for all days.  Please contact Matt if you can help.

Grade 12: We'll be off on a multitude of diverse adventures, college tours, internships, and the like.  Adulthood here we come!
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Greg & Julia's Calendar Corner


Beginning of:
9th Grade Service Week
10th Grade River Expedition
11th Grade Service Expedition
12th Grade Post-Secondary Explorations Week


Hi my name is Eojin Seo. I'm a senior at YIHS. I'm doing an independent study on videography. And I need to borrow some things to make that happen. Please email me if you have any of these things that I could borrow for few weeks. Thank you!

- clapper board (slate)
- electric guitar
- camcorder (best would be one that's working but if not, it's okay)
- studio to film
- studio lights
- background cloth


Introducing the Coronavirus Cupboard

COVID is a real thing that requires our attention - but we're not going to let it define us.  So we're moving our COVID information and updates out of the headlines and onto the back pages where they belong.  Each week, you'll be able to click here to view COVID news and updates that impact the YIHS school experience.  Look inside the Coronavirus Cupboard

Youther of the Week

Sophia Thomas
YIHS Class of 2025

Sophia's favorite book: This one
Sophia's favorite soup to make for dinner: This one
Sophia's favorite aerial silks move: This one

Poem of the Week

Section 2 of Appalachian Elegy
by bell hooks

such then is beauty
against all hope
you are here again
turning slowly
nature as chameleon
all life change
and changing again
awakening hearts
steady moving from
unnamed loss
into fierce deep grief
that can bear all burdens
even the long passage
into a shadowy dark
where no light enters

Thank You

for offering his ultra-hip loft studio to our rock band:

Eddy "Book Boy" Nix


for offering the secrets of the Enneagram on Wednesday afternoons:

David Banner


for serving as student panel members on our LGBTQ+ panel

Jean Gauthier-Phillips
Clover DeClercq
Grace Heuss
Eli Schmidt
Howl Starn

for facilitating the aforementioned panel:

Brian J of GSAFE

or rescuing the Nutrition 9 class by clearing a diabolical mega-clog from the kitchen sinks:

Brandon Hysel




Teacher of the Month

Olivia Prendergast

 A leader Olivia admires: This One
An artist whose work inspires Olivia: This One
An organization whose work Olivia respects: This One
A spiritual vessel that Olivia wants you to remember: This One

Fictional Human of the Week:

The Tin Woodman 
Lives in The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum
Click the image to learn more about the Tin Woodman

Anthropological Survey of the Week

Which of these inanimate objects possesses the most spiritual power?

A six-sided dice

A hand-drawn map

A rusty tricycle

A clock face with no hands

Last week's survey: 
Favorite fair activity?
Eat unhealthy food - 31%
Spectate demolition derby - 38%
Pet livestock- 12%
Ride rides - 19%

Community Corner

Your Ol' Buddy Henry is Back!

Thoreau College Community Seminar - Starts on October 5

The Thoreau College Community Seminar is an opportunity to join in an open, engaging, and egalitarian conversation about important texts and universal ideas.  Inspired by the Great Books Seminar model of higher education and Henry David Thoreau’s visionary dream of “villages as universities”, the Community Seminar is open to Thoreau College students, fellows, and faculty and to members of our wider local community of all ages.  All that is required is a willingness to read carefully and to engage in thoughtful discussion with respect for fellow participants, a sincere desire to understand the authors and their ideas with openness and good will, and reverence for the truth.  Sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:30-6:00 pm and new participants are invited to join at the beginning of each quarter, each of which lasts about 10 weeks, with breaks.  Some texts will be provided in print form and a few texts will be available for purchase.  

Fall Quarter 2021 - Origins and Essences:

Discussion Leaders - Jacob Hundt and Emily Trenholm

During the fall quarter of 2021 (October-December) the Thoreau College Community Seminar will delve into the most ancient and profound texts of world civilization.  These are the primordial accounts of the origins of the universe, of human beings, and of human cultures and peoples that have been passed down in oral traditions for centuries until eventually recorded in writing, to be passed down for centuries more, forming the foundation stones of the world's great civilizations and cultures.

Texts, in full or in excerpts, for the Fall Quarter will include:

--The Epic of Gilgamesh (Mesopotamian)
--Popul Vuh (Mayan)
--The Prose Edda, by Snorri Sturluson (Norse mythology)
--Theogony, by Hesiod (Greek mythology)
--The Book of Genesis (Judeo/Christian)
--Timaeus, by Plato (Greek philosophy)
--Bhagavad Gita (Hindu)
--De rerum natura, by Lucretius (Roman/Epicurean philosophy)
--Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu (Chinese, Taoist)

YIHS students are invited to participate in this course free of charge.  Adult members of the community are requested to make a donation to support this course, with a recommended amount of $200 per quarter. Please contact Jacob Hundt by October 1 at or 608-632-3829 if you are interested in joining.

Seeking House to Spend Cold Evenings With

Wanted to RENT or BUY: Modest home in Viroqua, preferably near PRWS/YIHS, 3 bedrooms or larger.
Please contact Dayna McGuire (Dagny's mama) 608-406-4202  

Tame the Dragon: Michaelmas

Dear friends and members of the Viroqua affiliate of the Christian

Reverend Jeana Lee, from the Chicago congregation, will be visiting our
affiliate the first weekend of October.  The events (except for the
meal) will take place in the Turning Place, room 202 of the Landmark
Center.   All are welcome.

Saturday, October 2nd:

                   9:00am the Act of Consecration of Man

                  10:00am Contemplating the Michaelmas liturgy (an
interactive contemplation)

                   7:00pm Talk -- "Meeting the Dragon with our Fourfold
Human Being"

   Sunday, October 3rd

                   9:30 story for the children

                  10:00 the Children's service

                  10:30 the Act of Consecration of Man

                  11:30 Circle

                  12:15-ish Community meal in Brian and Patty Wickert's
home.  (One could bring food to share).

If you would like to meet with Jeana, for the Sacrament of Consultation,
or for conversation, please contact me (Jenny) to schedule a time.

If you need childcare during the Act of Consecration of Man, please let
me know by Thursday, September 30th.


Jenny, 608-637-8759  

Want to Share?

We all do better when we all do better!  Share your community event or news with our community.  Just email Matt to get your event into our Community's Corner.

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