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This issue has a number of free dungeons from Johnstone Metzger as well as a couple cool products to check out on DriveThruRPG. - Vindexus
Matt Colville is an experience D&D DM who has a series of videos on DMing. This particular episode is all about NPCs and how to roleplay them. It's 30m and I recommend watching the whole thing.
See what other people are recommending in this thread for /r/DungeonWorld.
Topics: Wrapping-up Song of the Milk-White Putrescence / The Legacy Weapon / Herculean Appetites / The Shrine of the Sorrowful Queen / Ongoing comic strip AP featuring the story of St. Evelyn the White
Designed for One on One play, The Legacy Weapon is a companion Playbook for Dungeon World. The GM provides the player the Legacy Weapon playbook, works with the player to create the weapon, and then plays out their adventure with the artifact in their hands. The Legacy Weapon is designed to supplement the moves of a single character, allowing them to have heroic adventures of their own.
These are printable minimal playbooks for the alternate DW classes The Mage, The Priest, The Templar, and The Artificer. These are printed on two-sides, then folded in half. They include class headers and icons, compact xp tracker, compact stat tracker.
The Branded is a rework of the Immolator class that was well received in this reddit thread. The character sheet uses the minimalist design.
"Mentioned in the earlier Painted Caves, this dungeon includes a semi-sentient ocean of living slime." - Johnstone
"The Shrine of Many Hands is where the demon Iocace keeps her most precious possessions, including her many idols and the portal to her demonic realm, Iocacea.
This release include the dungeon area as well as some stuff y'all may remember from Terrors of the Ancient World: stats for Iocace's avatars and minions and a couple pages describing her realm. Only this time they are for Labyrinth Lord." - Johnstone
"This is the most dangerous way to enter the dungeon full of monsters that lies beneath Skull Mountain, because it is guarded by the Blue Knight." - Johnstone
This thread from the G+ community for Dungeon World has a lot of great Dungeon World and general PbtA content creators you should be following. I follow a number of them myself.
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