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Introducing a new program!

~ Coloring The Kairos ~

with Stephanie Gailing + Melissa McClain


Kairos is the ancient Greek word that reflects the unique opportunity that different
moments of time offer.

Astrology is a powerful way to decode the kairos and the opportunities that different moments offer usColoring The Kairos will combine astrology and mindful coloring for new & exciting ways to explore personal opportunities for self reflection, awareness and growth during astrological events. Our first online workshop, A Retrograde Retreat, will focus on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and we can't wait to experience YOUR opportunities with you.

Join Mindful Coloring Guide Melissa McClain and Astrologer Stephanie Gailing as they take you through a deeply colorful and expanding exploration of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde with the online mindful coloring and astrology workshop Coloring The Kairos ~ A Retrograde Retreat.

A planet in retrograde alters course and reverses direction temporarily, re-tracing its steps before moving back to its original path.

Mercury Retrograde is almost upon us, extending a powerful invitation for us to take a step back and bolster inner awareness. 

Go slow
Engage our imaginative and creative minds


The retrograde spans April 9 to May 3 and the workshop will begin April 3 and end May 8. During this period, communication planet Mercury retraces its path in the sky. If we take a look back over our own territories traveled, we can evaluate and gain access to a cornucopia of wisdom-inspiring opportunities. By re-examining information such as communications style and patterns from the past and connecting to valuable insights, we can reclaim a greater confidence in what we know and our ability to share it.

A Retrograde Retreat offers the opportunity to slow down, evaluate and examine the past before moving forward in a powerful and grounded way.
A Retrograde Retreat

April 3 - May 8

Purchase by March 28th and pay only $69 for the 5-week program

*After March 28th, pay $79
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A Retrograde Retreat for 2

You learned to share your colors a long time ago...Bring a friend along on the 5-week program for only $99 for 2 (a savings of over $30 each).
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Are you ready to Retreat?

In this five-week online workshop, you will:

  • Receive weekly emails containing astrological insights and mindful coloring instructions.
  • Have access to a private Coloring The Kairos Facebook group to share your personal astrological explorations and colorful stories with Melissa, Stephanie and your fellow kairos colorers.
  • Discover a path of mindful adventure, colorful expression and self-discovery with a focus on the communication aspects of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Use mindful coloring techniques as tools to adventure into self awareness. 
  • Embark on a journey to create a daily mindful and creative practice that not only facilitates deep learning but also supports stress reduction and positive neurological changes.
  • Have a whole new conception of Mercury Retrograde and see it as a treasured time rather than just perceiving it to be a period of possible technological breakdowns and communication snafus. 
  • Walk away with a journal full of colorful, revealing learnings that tell your Retrograde Retreat story of reflection and growth.
  • Be ready to move forward into life full of insight and knowing.
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