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Recent Development Activity
"Adora Belle" is released! It's shipped with a brand new, modern default template and a lot of bug fixes. Among the smaller but useful improvements you can find
  • Support for multiple LDAP servers
  • Wiki farm support in the core of DokuWiki
  • A %GROUP% wildcard supported in ACLs.
    Works like the %USER% wildcard, but for groups.
Read all about "Adora Belle" features in the release notes. As usual there are even more details for template and plugin authors in the Developers’ Changelog
Beside doing the release, developers are working on fixing the broken popularity rating for plugins & templates and remaking the frontpage using the new template. Others are pondering the roadmap for the next release which will have a feature freeze on 1 February.
Featured Template: DokuWiki
Development on a new default template has been going on for a while as we wanted to give DokuWiki a more modern, elegant and clean look. The front end code was also quite old and didn't always include XHTML/CSS according to best practices even though it was valid. With "Adora Belle" we can proudly present a new shiny default template. Highlights are
  • Easily added sidebar
  • Supports changing sidebar depending on namespace
  • Tag line in the page header along with your wiki name
  • Your own logo can be added through media manager
  • Floating page tools for less scrolling
  • Easier tweaking with more logical CSS 
  • Mobile aware, friendly towards smart phones & tablets
  • HTML5 compliant
  • Still easy to extend without worrying about upgrade failures, based on the starter template
DokuWiki template
Kudos to Anika Henke for doing the major part of the coding. See it in action at Read all about the tricks you can do with it at the DokuWiki template's homepage.
Tip: The old default template is still shipped with the release under its name "default". If you don't want to change templates, but upgrade your wiki, go to admin/configuration settings and change the template setting from dokuwiki to default after the "Adora Belle" upgrade.
IRC Meetups
One of the things decided at the hackfest in London was to have regular IRC meetups. So far the meetups have gathered more people every month; last month had 10+ developers. Discussions are covering big and small features, coding detail, and more general community issues which are outlined in a monthly meeting agenda. If you are interested in contributing to DokuWiki this is a great place to meet the core developers and others involved in the DokuWiki community.
New pull requests, and whether they should be merged or improved first, are discussed at every meetup. GitHub pull requests are the best way to contribute to the DokuWiki core code. First make your own git fork at GitHub, commit changes to your repository, and then just press the "Pull Request" button. Now your changes can be seen and discussed in DokuWiki's pull request list.
To keep track of the next IRC meetup, read the DokuWiki calendar.
Template Trick 1:
Start With Collapsed Table of Contents
There are several ways to control the table of contents (TOC) on wiki pages. TOC configuration settings control which heading levels should be included, and the ~~NOTOC~~ control macro turns off the TOC on a single page.
Sometimes it's more suitable to have every TOC start collapsed instead of open so it's present yet unintrusive. It's pretty easy with the latest DokuWiki release and jQuery. Create a new file "userscript.js" in your "conf/" directory containing the lines below.

jQuery(function() {
    var $toc = jQuery('#dw__toc .toggle');
    if($toc.length) {
They locate the TOC when then page is loaded and collapse it if it exists. This example also shows how easy it is to modify or extend DokuWiki's core functionality through your own JavaScript in conf/userscript.js which is protected from being overwritten when upgrading.
Template Trick 2: Adding a DokuWiki Top Bar
Many users ask how the top bar in the wiki is done. As it's just some hard-coded HTML, and also very specific for this installation, its source code is of no real use for most users. But DokuWiki developer Anika shares a better way of doing it with a new top bar tip.
Use most templates' ability to include user supplied HTML-code, in this case add "lib/tpl/dokuwiki/footer.html". Here she uses the tpl_include_page() function to have the top bar editable as a normal wiki page but you could, of course, use hard-coded links instead.
<div class="topbar">
    <?php tpl_include_page('topbar') /* includes the wiki page "topbar" */ ?>
Then add some CSS rules, your own modification should go into "conf/userall.css" to avoid having them overwritten when upgrading your installation. Now a bullet list in the page "topbar" will appear as links in your new top bar. Remember to adjust the max-width: 600px if you think the bar is too wide or narrow.
2000 Subscribers 

We are celebrating. The DokuWiki newsletter now has more than 2000 subscribers! Do you know a DokuWiki user who isn't subscribed? Let them know about the useful information the newsletter can bring to them.

Updated Templates

There are already 16 templates compatible with "Adora Belle" including two bundled ones. For example enjoy DokuWiki with Wallpaper.


or Zenlike


or the very popular Arctic 


DokuBook, Vector or MonoBook giving you a WikiPedia look and feel


or Incognitek featuring top menu


or minimalistic Prsnl10


Mystyle with designer's feel

You could also try doogiestplrawsimple_sidebarstarter and dokucms


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