Wow, a DokuWiki Newsletter! What a surprise :-D

Hey <<First Name>>,

Chances are good, that this is your very first DokuWiki newsletter you've ever received. The last one was sent over a year ago and we got more than a thousand new subscribers since then.

If you are in fact one of our new subscribers, welcome! You might want to read up our old issues in thearchive. They contain quite a few helpful tips and a bit of history as well.

So why the long delay? Unfortunately our previous “Chief Editor” Håkan Sandell has no time for the newsletter anymore and there is simply no one to step in. Until someone volunteers to take over theNewsletter Team, mails like this will continue to be rare.

Anyway, on to some useful content here.


Spam is the ugly side of the Internet and wikis are not immune. We had quite a few reports of spam and fake registrations in the forum during the last months.

The simple answer is always: use an up-to-date CATPCHA plugin when you run a public facing wiki. But we also have a slightly longer list of anti-spam measurements you can take in your wiki at our Anti-Spam Features page. Go read it!


We recently released “Binky”. One of the main changes is that it now uses a LESS compiler for all template and plugin styles. This means requirements to have correct, valid CSS in all your plugins are more serious now, because if the compilation fails you get no styles at all instead having your browser gracefully ignore the error.

Basically it boils down to what you should do on every DokuWiki upgrade: make sure your template and plugins are up-to-date as well. And if something breaks, there's always the Forum to find help.

DokuWiki in a Shell

DokuWiki user Guillaume Turri just released a small command line tool which lets you interact with a (remote) DokuWiki using its XML-RPC API. Useful for scripting and automating documentation. It's written in Java and the sources are available for hacking.

Check out DokuJClient

More News

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That's it for today, enjoy the holidays and have a great start into 2014.

Til next year,
Andreas Gohr
(DokuWiki lead developer)

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