DokuWiki celebrates it's 10th birthday, celebrate with us.

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Happy 10th birthday, DokuWiki

Wow look at the date. DokuWiki is a teenager now! Exactly 10 years ago, I uploaded the very first version of DokuWiki on my homepage - the result of roughly a weekend of coding.

Fast-forward to today. DokuWiki is one of the most popular wiki systems and consists of about a 100,000 lines of code. Ohloh estimates the cost to develop the system to a whopping 1.2 Million Dollars! Of course nobody ever spent that much money. Thanks to the power of OpenSource and more than 600 contributors from all over the world, DokuWiki is free to use for everyone.

So why not celebrate with us? Send out your DokuWiki birthday wishes on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or your own Blog and let the world know how you use DokuWiki and what you love it for!

What's that name?

We just recently released a new version of DokuWiki code named "Ponder Stibbons". Some people where wondering where we pick up those weird names. The answer can be found here

We name our releases after characters of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Ponder Stibbons is a young wizard at Ankh-Morpok's Unseen University and can "usually be found in the High Energy Magic Building where he spends his time fiddling with the fabrics of time and space" (lspace wiki).


Hackfest Sponsor?

Hackfests are where DokuWiki developers meet in person to discuss and implement new features and also meet interested users. Our last Hackfests in London and Darmstadt were great fun and very productive. It would be nice to have another one some time. We're looking for a company or organization to provide a location for us. Electricity, Internet access and something to sit on is basically all we need. If you think you could help us out, please contact me for details (just reply to this newsletter).

Andreas Gohr
(DokuWiki lead developer)

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