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welcome to the DokuWiki Newsletter. In the first 2010 issue we present:

A Happy New Year,

DokuWiki Newsletter team

New DokuWiki Release

Lemming“Lemming” is here! On December the 25th a new version of DokuWiki was released. Starting with the release candidate all official versions from now on will have a code name. If you have a favourite suggestion for the next one, don't hesitate to use the newsletter feedback forum. Major changes compared to DokuWiki 2009-02-14 are:

  • This release needs PHP5.1.2!
  • A lot of editor improvements including automatic list indention, better headline system and link wizard
  • Extended default syntax - row span support in tables and downloadable code blocks
  • Media manager update with file name search
  • Compatibility fixes for IE8 and Chrome
  • Full text search improvements for advanced searches and OR queries
  • Support for relative dates through new dformat() function for plugin and template authors
  • Admin enhancements - one click revert button for managers and admin screen with better usability

Vision for 2010

With a new version just released and an new year beginning its time to have a look at what is planned for DokuWiki development in the next year.

Because RSS feeds are still not common in most enterprises, e-mail subscriptions are important to these users. The current implementation however isn't that ideal. Improvements made as part of the ICKE 2.0 research project will most probably find its way back into the DokuWiki core. This should also open up new possibilities to plugin authors to add new notification mechanisms.

One thing that is planned for a long time now, should hopefully finally see the light in the next year: a new default template. Some first general ideas where already exchanged between a smaller team of DokuWiki developers but no real design was done yet. The new template will feature a somewhat more modern look and should better support mobile phone screens. We will probably also add an editable sidebar in this new template, thus adding default support for a feature that is currently independently implemented in most 3rd party templates.

Personally I hope we can facilitate the DokuWiki community growth and attract more developers, translators and supporters and generally take some responsibilities from my shoulders. I'd also like to see (and maybe attend) a few more DokuWiki user meetups.

/Andreas Gohr

Export Special - Part 1

DokuWiki is designed for easy collaboration around on-line documentation. Wikis are ideal for maintaining up to date information about products, organisations or just anything. However there might be occasions where you want to export a snapshot of all or part of the current wiki. Some examples

  • A single safety information page that must be sent along with your product
  • Make it possible for readers to download your article as pdf
  • Your documentation copied to a product CD, browsable on a PC without internet connection or in a PDA without web server capabilities
  • Include a page of your wiki in another website
  • Create a hard-copy book on some topic

Disclaimer - The following suggestions and tips are not the only way of doing things, they are chosen based on personal experience and relative ease of installation. More plugins are available and some information in the tips namespace as well. In general you can say that output quality is proportional to time required for installation. Feedback is greatly encouraged in the Newletter feedback forum.

Scenario 1. Single page, client side generated PDF

If you want a small amount of text personally it is best to use a pdf-writer from your browser. The printout will be done using the print.css accompanying your current DokuWiki template located in ../lib/tpl/<yourtemplate>/. Tip! Most templates also have support for header and footers HTML files which can be used together with CCS {display: none}.

To make a little bit more advanced printouts you can concatenate a number of pages into one by using the include plugin or the composer plugin. “Include” supports single pages and sections whereas “composer” tries to rewrite internal links, both support inclusion of namespaces. Finish up your editing with the pagebreak plugin to make reading a little more pleasing.

Scenario 2. Single page, server side generated PDF

When you want to offer pdf download of every wiki page, one at a time - use the html2pdf plugin. It's ease of installation beats most other solutions and the pdf is only generated on request. Don't forget to raise the memory limit though! The only thing you have to do manually is adding a “Download” button to your template calling the do=export_pdf action as described on the plugin page.

... continued in the next newsletter.

DokuWiki source Moves to GitHub

DokuWiki has switched revision control system (RCS) from Darcs to git. The main repository has also moved to GitHub. While Darcs is somewhat more intuitive to use, the differences between both systems aren't very big. Except that git is now much more often used than Darcs. In addition, Darcs doesn't work very well for larger projects. DokuWiki isn't shrinking and the quirks and slowness of Darcs became quite a burden recently.

Also using a more popular revision control system makes it possible to outsource the hosting to services like GitHub, which means less stuff to administer for us and less traffic on the DokuWiki server. A more popular revision control system also makes it easier for new developers and other contributors to participate in the project. If they have to learn a new RCS just to start working on the code, that's a barrier to entry that they may not overcome.

[funny git maskot]

New Templates
Celebrate the new year with a fresh look and feel! Try two recent additions to the DokuWiki template collection. First DokuWiki user Zinn released the Minimalism template. A minimal and clear looking theme focused on sharing your content, not your logo. Then Esther Brunner gave us a X-mas present, a brand new template called DokuTouch. It features a carefully designed user interface and a navigation, that goes beyond sidebar approaches by other DokuWiki templates.
[DokuTouch Screenshot]]

Help Wanted
Are you interested in video and have a pleasant voice? With a new release and some changes to the editor it is time to update the DokuWiki beginners screen-cast series. Several thousand users have benefited from this easy introduction to DokuWiki. Feel free to extend the series and don't' forget to tell the world about it in the DokuWiki forum. If you have questions, ask the mailinglist.

Newly Upgraded?
If you just upgraded your installation, please take time to resubmit your usage data to keep statistics up to date. By submitting you can help developers to better understand the various environments DokuWiki is used in. Just log in as superuser, access the Admin screen and choose the “Popularity Feedback” option from the list. On the next screen hit the “Send Data” button.

Donate to Open Source
Is your company using DokuWiki or any other Open Source software? With the start of a new year, it may be a good opportunity to send your manager a list of Open Source software you use in your company. List what it would have cost you to buy similar commercial software and add a link to the donation details of the project.

Private donation are also always welcome ;-). Please also consider donating to your favourite plugin authors.

DokuWiki Leaflet
Wouldn't it be great to, instead of just explaining the greatness of DokuWiki, give out some marketing material as well?

Now you can. At you can find a PDF which gives a quick overview on everything that makes DokuWiki special. Just print it on A4 paper, fold it and give it to anyone interested. Or just leave a small stack of those leaflets next to the coffee bar on your next conference, barcamp or company meeting.

Go spread the word!

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