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Upcoming DokuWiki Release

The schedule for next release of DokuWiki is set, lead developer Andreas Gohr has declared “I guess it's time to do a new release”. Feature freeze will be in November and release candidates start coming out in December aiming for a Christmas Release on the 25th.

You can participate in the release work by testing the release candidates and reporting new bugs or just fixing old ones. Help is also needed for translation of text strings to maintain DokuWiki's impressive language set. Template authors should check out changes made to the default template CSS. Please help us all to a nice X-mas present.

Recent Development Activity

Smaller and bigger changes are committed to our software repository every week. This time we present some additions to DokuWiki's syntax and search functionality.

A download feature has been added to <code> and <file> blocks. So now users can read the code with syntax highlightning and then download it by clicking the header. All you need to do is to supply a file name in the syntax tag, e.g. <code php myfile.php>. In the future, plugin authors are encouraged to use this feature if they are using code blocks when distributing their plugins.

[code block screenshot]

Recently enhancements to table syntax were committed. Now there is support for rowspan using three colons ::: in an otherwise empty cell below the one you want to span. If any other text is present the whole cell content will be displayed as normal without rowspan.

[row span screenshot]

DokuWiki user Kazutaka Miyasaka has contributed to make the Asian language search experience better. As a side effect it's now possible to use an 'or' operator (vertical bar '|' could also be used) with lower precedence than the default 'and' in search queries. Other additions are exclusion of phrases with -"phrase to exclude" and the introduction of groups. Grouping is done by surrounding words by parenthesis. For example '(darcs or spam) folded' will find pages containing 'folded' along with either 'darcs' or 'spam'.

Try all these improvements at the DokuWiki playground today.

DokuWiki based Research Project

The research project ICKE 2.0 is being supported by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education. CosmoCode is collaborating with two Fraunhofer Institutes and two pilot user companies. The goal of the project is the development of an integrated collaboration and knowledge environment based on Web 2.0 technologies. The core is a DokuWiki that is being developed further into an operational Web 2.0 platform. First improvements are already implemented in codebase.

The project is looking for another company to join the project as pilot user and test the ICKE platform. If you are interested and meet the following requirements, please contact Mr. Voigt (Fraunhofer IFF) for further details.

  • You're located in Germany
  • Your company produces complex products.
  • You have fewer than 250 employees.
  • You have at least 20 non-production employees who collaborate and intercommunicate on a regular basis.

Contact details at

Featured Plugin: Gallery

Although DokuWiki lets you easily insert images into wiki pages, the Gallery plugin can turn your wiki page into a slick image gallery with a minimum of effort. This can come in handy if you want to include multiple photos or screenshots in one page. On the face of it, this is a rather simplistic tool that allows you to embed images in a specific namespace into a page by using the following code:


But the plugin has a few clever tricks up its sleeve. Instead of graphics files stored in a namespace, the plugin can pull images from any Web site that provides Media RSS or Atom feed. This way, you can, for example, embed photos from your Flickr account into a wiki page.

Gallery plugin also supports a number of parameters. Some of them – such as thumbnail size, the number of images per row, and sorting order – can be configured in DokuWiki's Configuration Manager. Here you can also enable the Lightbox feature which displays the full-size version of the image as an overlay when you click on its thumbnail. You can specify other parameters directly in the embedding code. These include, among other things, the number of images to display, caching options, sort order, and so on. You can view a full list of supported parameters on the Gallery's page.

Tips & Tricks: Entities

Entities are the feature that converts your => to . But reading the manual closely you will find that it can “replace certain characters or strings with other strings based on a configuration file”. This could be used instead of writing a simple syntax plugin.

So rather than enabling HTML next time you want to make a page a little more interesting, just create a ../conf/entities.local.conf and add your HTML snippet. In example:

<test> <a href="" style="font-size: 40px;color: red;">Go DokuWiki!</a>

Now you are ready to use ”<test>” in any page, displaying a colourful link to DokuWiki:


Changes at

During this autumn most of the DokuWiki documentation was translated to Russian, including the documentation targeted at developers in the devel namespace by one or more anonymous users. Thank you for the contribution, enabling more people around the world getting involved.

Initiated by a discussion on the mailing list, DokuWiki user “Laynee” went ahead and helped us to clean up the plugin tags, making the tag cloud much easier to navigate. Too specific tags have been replaced with more common tags, e.g. youtube with video. Non-English words were deleted and singular/plural forms merged.

Since some weeks the login system for the Wiki has changed. Now you log in at with your credentials. If you had registered in the (previously used) bug tracker only, you will need to get a forum account if you still want your changes in the wiki to be recognized under your name. If you like to have your real name to be used in the signatures within the Wiki, just fill the “Real Name” field in your forum profile. Anonymous editing is still okay in the Wiki of course.

Popularity Data
Did you know that the three most popular templates are Default, Arctic and Monobook? See the popularity page for more interesting statistics and how to contribute. By submitting your usage data you can help developers to better understand the various environments DokuWiki is used in.

DokuWiki Leaflet
Wouldn't it be great to, instead of just explaining the greatness of DokuWiki, give out some marketing material as well?

Now you can. At the  leaflet page you can find a PDF which gives a quick overview on everything that makes DokuWiki special. Just print it on A4 paper, fold it and give it to anyone interested. Or just leave a small stack of those leaflets next to the coffee bar on your next conference, barcamp or company meeting.

Go spread the word!

Going PHP5
PHP4 went out of life a while ago and is no longer recommended for use. DokuWiki officially supported PHP4 up to the last stable release and contains several workarounds for PHP5 functionalities missing in PHP5. This will no longer be the case in the future. The next release of DokuWiki will require PHP5! If you're still running PHP4 we recommend upgrading right away to be prepared.

Getting Involved
DokuWiki is an OpenSource project and thrives by community participation. We're always looking for people who answer forum posts or improve documentation (even simple things like spellchecking helps). Also this newsletter needs your help, we are looking for a short success story (4-6 paragraphs) of how DokuWiki has helped you. Please post all your feedback and success stories in the newsletter feedback forum.

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