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Recent Development Activity

The DokuWiki GitHub repository is buzzing with activity. During spring the new default template has been finalized and we have replaced our testing framwork. Thanks to Dominik Eckelmann and Tobias Sarnowski, we now have a brand new and much better test suite based on PHPUnit. This should make it much easier for everyone to get the tests running (please do) and to write new tests (please also do).

We have also set up a system that automatically runs the test suite on our current git branches. Developers of failing submits will also be notified by mail. A dashboard showing current status of all branches and test coverage is available at

From now on
  • new features should only be integrated
    when accompanied by tests
  • when fixing a bug, a test that checks
    for that bug should be written first
  • when some code is touched or refactored,
    tests should be written for them
Next Release

Where Is The April Release? Yes, it's late. Changing the testing framework and adding the new template took more time than expected. But the first “Adora Belle” release candidate will soon be ready for testing, stay tuned!

During the recent hackfest in London it was decided to have a feature freeze 15:th June, making it an early autumn release. Recalling the experience from last release “Angua” it was also decided to switch from fixed release month's to fixed freeze dates instead. Thus future releases will be spring and autumn.

Large Scale User: Southeastern

DokuWiki developers want to thank Southeastern and our host Wayne Jenner for sponsoring the 2012 hackfest in London. Southeastern are a large UK train operating company with a fleet of over 350 trains operating in Kent and South London. They use Dokuwiki as their technical documentation management system. It is a closed system, but is by most measures quite large, 40,000 pages, 20,000 images with around 5,000 attached files mostly pdf format. It is still growing as they find new and more sophisticated uses for the system.

They have developed their DokuWiki installation over the last three years and currently have around 800 users with full time system administration and content management staff, around 50 people are regular authors. It is now the single source of technical information for Engineering and Train Maintenance. They have moved everything off a shared server environment, to a web based platform, making all documentation available everywhere even in field service by using mobile devices. Other large scale corporate users wanting to share experiences are welcome to contact them through the mailinglist.

Tips & Tricks: Displaying Empty Table Rows

Sometimes its handy to be able to space data out in a table with a blank row. Currently DokuWiki outputs HTML for the blank row, however some browsers may not display the row as it has no non-whitespace content.

If you are not able to change the CSS code (empty-cells), you could use the new line syntax in the table itself:

Empty table row example ^Header1 ^Header2 ^
|field1 | field2 |
| \\ ||
|field1 | field2 |

Security Audit

Andreas Haerter have put the question of doing a security audit. The central parts of DokuWiki are mature, stable and relatively feature complete. Therefore it might be a good point in time to discuss something like a security code review done by third party professionals.

However, this will cost money. SektionEins has estimated a full security audit would need 12-15 days, leading to costs of 12000-15000 EUR. They are also open for discounts, however, it's still a lot of money. If your company are interested in helping us by sponsoring or facilitating the audit, please join the discussion on the mailinglist.

Hackfest 2012
Hackfest London 2012
The hackfest and three days of coding, socializing and talk about future improvements are over. This year there where two special sessions, one with on-hands training for the new testing framework and another focused on the three different users representatives present and their use of DokuWiki. Work was also done on the extension manager, sidebar functionality and merging of pull requests. DokuWiki user Andrwe also decided to join the infrastructure team and upgraded our bugtracker to latest version. We thank Southeastern for hosting the event. Does your company want to be a host of DokuWiki Hackfest 2013? Think about it, planning will start around new year.


Put something back into open source. DokuWiki needs
  • Documentation updaters
  • Translators
  • Plugin advisors
  • People answering in the forum

Merged Pull Requests

Best way to submit your code to DokuWiki is by working with pull requests. These were the merged pull requests during last months. Thank you all for contributing.

Frontend improvements
by selfthinker submitted 3 months ago

More input wrapper uses
by whoopdedo submitted 9 days ago

de/de-informal: added missing strings / updates for existing ones.
by lupo49 submitted 8 days ago

BG: language update
by NEOhidra submitted 4 days ago

HTTPClient fix to correctly handle chunked transfer encoding
by whoopdedo submitted 18 days ago

by splitbrain submitted 9 days ago

branch to track my input validation fixes
by whoopdedo submitted 14 days ago

Additional commit for closed Pull Request #100
by lupo49 submitted a month ago

This allows easier identifying of which version has been restored (FS#2522)
by lupo49 submitted 2 months ago

Formating of czech subscription emails
by Pitel submitted a month ago

Fixes messages.txt's modification timestamp not being updated.
by rsnitsch submitted 2 months ago

some tweaks to the pagetool css FS#2481
by splitbrain submitted 3 months ago

Changed style of notification messages
by timroes submitted 2 months ago

Replace SimpleTest with PHPUnit
by dom-mel submitted 3 months ago

Remote interface improvements
by timroes submitted 3 months ago

HTML Mail Support
by splitbrain submitted 5 months ago

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