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Angua Released

After a long period of testing, “Angua” has finally arrived. Because of the large amount of new code and features, ironing out the kinks from the Release Candiate took a bit longer than usual.
The most prominent new features in DokuWiki “Angua” is the versioning of media files. Just like with pages, old image and document versions are saved. The new 3 panel full screen media manager gives you access to old versions and can even show differences for image files. Media changes are listed along with page changes in the "Recent Changes" view as well as in the RSS feed.
The new release also features better farming capabilities with cascading configuration for plugin enabling/disabling. Plugin and template developers can now use the powerful jQuery JavaScript framework included in the DokuWiki core.
A full description of what is new in Angua is available at the changes page.

Template developers need to update their templates to include CSS and a button for the new media manager. Read the starter template changes for a detailed description about what needs to be done.

Plugin authors should begin upgrading their plugin's JavaScript to jQuery. Many of the old library calls will go away soon. Read the jQuery FAQ for more info.

Recent Development Activity

While the main core activity has been testing and bug fixing, DokuWiki developer Anika has lead the continued efforts for a new default template. The template features an optional sidebar and floating page tools along with a lot of small improvements and a modern, light appearance. Some first optimizations for browsing the wiki on mobile devices are included as well.
The template is currently beta tested for logged in users at If you like to help out, please login and report any problems you encounter at our bug tracker

[Screenshot: new default template]

Along with the template, several other feature enhancements like HTML Mails, online password resets or Active Directory enhancments await code review at Github. If you speak PHP, please help the effort by reviewing and commenting the changes.

You can also help out by reviewing open bugs and influence fixing by voting for your favorites or even better by fixing them yourself.

Featured Plugin: dw2pdf

Exporting a wiki page with all its formatting and images into a single document is a common request at companies. The most common export format is PDF. We introduced some solutions back in a 2010 newsletter. Meanwhile a new plugin was released.
The dw2pdf plugin was initially written by Luigi Micco and recently got some major updates by DokuWiki core developer Andreas Gohr.
Unlike other PDF export solutions, dw2pdf has no additional requirements and can be installed as easy as any other plugin. The PDF output can be customized to your corporate design through simple header and footer templates. Since the plugin converts HTML, it is automatically compatible with nearly all other plugins out of the box. But it also provides simple mechanisms to adjust PDF output for plugin authors.

The World of DokuWiki

Since the appeal in last newsletter, DokuWiki users around the world have started to rebuild the user directory at Here are some examples, feel free to add you own site. - HurtigWiki is a German Wiki about the Norwegian coastal express “Hurtigruten”. Here you can prepare yourself before a trip or share your experiences afterwards. All possible information about the route, ships and history. They have modified the usable template to match the looks of their forum. - The wiki is used as a base for professional system and network administrators. “Practical information, verified for the various activities of our business”. Topics span over both Linux, Windows and networks, everything written in French. They chose DokuWiki to allow their community quick and easy editing. - A wiki providing information about the Japanese Shinto religion to the Brazilian Portuguese speaking public. An ongoing translation of Kojiki (“Record of Ancient Matters”) to Brazilian Portuguese is the main task right now. The admin states he liked the flat-file-driven approach of DokuWiki, which fits nicely within the current “NoSQL” trend in data storage for web apps. - Comicslate is a Russian webcomics crowdsource translating project. Here you can meet Ozy & Millie, Modest Medusa, Nerf Now and other heroes of the modern world, speaking Russian. They use some nice homemade plugins to make the translation process easy.

Plugin Survey

The third DokuWiki plugin survey has been released. 153 new plugins have seen light since last year and even more statistics and graphs are available. E.g. did you know, which 8 plugin homepages that are hardest to understand? Or who is still using the deprecated events?

DokuWiki Tagline

The new template will have an option to set a tagline. Now, what would be a good tagline for Follow the discussion on the mailing list. Maybe you can extend the list of received suggestions?

Angua on JumpBox

JumpBox has the latest DokuWiki release ready from their virtual machine factory. You have to pay them money, but they will take the hassle out of setting up a new server for DokuWiki. They also offer Amazon EC2 cloud computing.

Translation Errors

DokuWiki translator Schplurtz has made an effort to find all printf() errors in the language files by writing a little script. The result is published on page translation-check, please have a look and improve DokuWiki by supplying correct versions in the localization interface.


Google Summer of Code is announced once more. Are you interested in being a mentor or have suggestions for coding projects? Read more about DokuWiki and GSoC.

Release Mailinglist

Announcements for new releases are sent on the FreeCode mailing list. Another way of having an advance notice of new releases is to subscribe to the changes page (requires login).

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