Urgent Call to Action:
Act Now to Save the
Red Bridge!!
Your Help is Needed NOW!

Without advance notice, the County has placed the funding request for Historic Red Bridge Park on the Commssioner agenda for THURSDAY, JULY 8th at 9am.
We need you to contact the Commissioners right away to voice your support for the project and ask them to fund the project. Email and phone info is in the right column.

Scroll down for more info about the project.

First Best Place is working to establish the Historic Red Bridge Park and restore the bridge as a pedestrian/bike crossing. 

We have submitted a request to the Flathead County Commissioners to fund a portion of the project through the Community Transportation Enhancement Program, which funds trail/bike/pedestrian projects from Federal Highway Safety funds. You can help us by contacting the Commissioners to support funding for the project.

The Historic Red Bridge will serve as an anchor point for a county-wide bike path system - and the only truly safe river crossing for bikers and walkers. Creating Historic Red Bridge Park will:
  • Create a safe pedestrian connector allowing safe travel for all Flathead residents across the Flathead River. 
  • Improve river access for recreation, and create a safer area for youth and adults to experience the river
  • Improve amenities for fishing, small craft launch/pull out, swimming, and more
  • Transform an eyesore and hazard into a treasure
  • Be funded through Federal and private funding, not local taxes
Future amenities planned for the park include:
  • Restrooms
  • Expanded access trails
  • Observation platform
  • Possible small kayak play feature
  • Possible small commercial amenities
First Best Place's plan to create Historic Red Bridge Park is a joint effort of Flathead County, the City of Columbia Falls, First Best Place, the Old Red Bridge LLC, and the Montana Department of Transportation.
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