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Seasons Greetings to all Cambridge Woodwind Makers followers and supporters.

We have had a busy and fun year enjoying many participants enthusiasm and delight as they learn new skills and produce instruments from scratch. For 2014 we are adding further courses and have a wonderfully full program to share with you. This includes numerous 'Watch @ Work' events which are opportunities for everyone and anyone to come and watch workshops in progress.

We also encourage you to look at The ACE Foundation's course program for 2014 as there are many fantastic, and complimentary courses running at their newly established centre, also at Stapleford Granary. Some of these run in tandem with Cambridge Woodwind Maker courses. View the full details on their website: www.staplefordgranary.org.uk.

See below for a list of Cambridge Woodwind makers courses and dates. We hope you can join us!

Baroque Oboe

Baroque Oboe Development | £550 | webpage

January | Monday 27th - Friday 31st

This is one of the newest additions to the program, the first course is already full! But everyone is welcome to come along and see progress either by appointment or at our Watch @ Work event - date to be confirmed. We will also be arranging a concert as part of this course - contact Daniel Bangham for further details: information@cambridgewoodwindmakers.com.

Watch @ Work - Baroque Oboe | Date to be confirmed | Free

Recorder Making with Tim Cranmore

Recorder Making | £1000 | webpage

March | Monday 10th - Friday 14th
April | Monday 21st - Friday 25th
August | Monday 11th - Friday 15th
August | Sunday 17th - Thursday 21st

Watch @ Work - Recorders | Free | webpage

March | Thursday 13th | 4-6pm
April | Thursday 24th | 4-6pm
August | Wednesday 13th | 1-3pm
August | Wednesday 20th | 1-3pm

Recorder Knowledge with Jacqueline Sorel

Recorder Knowledge | £70 | webpage

Beginners | February | Saturday 1st
Advanced | February | Sunday 2nd

Recorder Activity Days with Daniel Bangham

Children's Recorder Activity Day | to be arranged | £48 | webpage

Woodland Whistle Making with Daniel Bangham

Also included in the Children's Recorder Activity days, Daniel will be running a few short courses making these charming bird call whistles in conjunction with The Ace Foundation's nature days.

May | Tuesday 6th
May | Sunday 18th
July | Saturday 19th
October | Tuesday 7th

Flute Making with Robert Bigio

Wooden Flute Making | £1000 | webpage

January | Thursday 16th - Monday 20th
April | Monday 7th - Friday 11th
July | Tuesday 22nd - Saturday 26th
October | Thursday 23rd - Monday 27th

Watch @ Work - Flutes | Free | webpage

January | Sunday 19th | 2-4pm
April | Wednesday 9th | 4-6pm
July | Friday 25th | 4-6pm
October | Saturday 25th | 1-3pm

Flute Headjoints with Robert Bigio

Flute Headjoint | £550 | webpage

February | Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th
September | Friday 19th - Saturday 20th

Classical Clarinet Making with Daniel Bangham

Classical Clarinet | £2000 | website

June | Wednesday 4th - Tuesday 17th

Watch @ Work - Classical Clarinets | Free | webpage

June | Tuesday 10th | 4-6pm
June | Sunday 15th | 1-3pm

Clarinet Barrels with Daniel Bangham

Clarinet Barrel 'Experiment' Day | £100 | website

March | Sunday 30th
November | Sunday 23rd

Chalmeau Making with Daniel Bangham

Chalmeau Making | £1000 | website

August | Friday 22nd - Monday 25th

Trumpet Making with Robert Barclay, Michael Munkwitz & Richard Seraphinoff

The Trumpet Making course for 2014 is currently full. Please email us to be put on the waiting list. If you would like to come and view the instruments being made view the dates for Watch @ Work below.

Watch @ Work - Trumpets | Free | webpage

July | Tuesday 1st - 10-12am
July | Thursday 3rd - 4-6pm

Repair & Maintenance

£65 (discounts for Friends apply)

Clarinet Repair & Maintenance | March Sunday 23rd | April Sunday 27th | September Saturday 27th
Saxophone Repair & Maintenance | March Saturday 22nd | October Saturday 18th | November Saturday 1st
Oboe & Bassoon Repair & Maintenance | January Sunday 26th | September Sunday 21st
Flute Repair & Maintenance | April Sunday 13th | July Sunday 20th

We look forward to taking your bookings!

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