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GB. ENGLAND. London. 1952. Alec Guinness studying his lines. © Cornell Capa/Magnum Photos

Cornell Capa is above all else a photographer of people. No landscape or cityscape interests him unless it is populated. Robert Capa once remarked that the best advice he could give to other photographers was: "Like people and let them know it." That phrase could easily serve as the motto for the entire professional career of Cornell Capa. Without any doubt the quality that characterizes and unites all of Cornell's work is his extraordinary rapport with the people he photographed. Like his brother, Cornell puts his subject at ease with his friendship, his sensitivity, his sympathy, and his enthusiasm. His subjects sense that they can trust him. Cornell never exploits his subjects to make a sensationalistic pictures; to him a good picture is one that does justice to its subject.

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Cornell Capa
by Cornell Capa

This beautiful cloth-bound book, filled with 27 of his most intelligent, compassionate, formally striking images, promises to bring the photographer his due. He once told Camera magazine, Single photographs are not what I do best. My most effective work is groups of photographs which hang together and tell stories. Nevertheless, the pictures included here sum up and transcend those stories. Imbued with the very essence of the specific situations or person that they portray, yet simultaneously resonant with universal human experience, they mark Cornell Capa as what he called a concerned photographer, one who is passionately dedicated to doing work that will contribute to the understanding and well being of humanity.

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