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2014 Commission Recipients

April 24, 2014

Text from Issue 19's "Of the Dense and Rare" by Ada Smailbegović, commissioned as a result of Triple Canopy's 2013 Call for Proposals. 

2014 Commission Recipients

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce the recipients of our fifth annual round of open-call commissions, initiated on January 17, 2014 and garnering over 350 submissions: Kieran Daly, Primavera di Filippi & Samer Hassan, Sowon Kwon, Timothy Leonido, Frank Pasquale, Jared Stanley, and Gillian Walsh

Triple Canopy aims to forge connections between books, manuscripts, lectures, performances, exhibitions, among other forms, and our online publishing practice. Over the next year, recipients will work closely with editors toward the creative and technical realization of their projects, which may be published in a variety of formats, ranging from public performance to print pamphlet to hand-coded Web work; all projects will ultimately be represented in Triple Canopy's online magazine. 

Proposals are reviewed by Triple Canopy year-round via our online submission form. We thank everyone who applied to the call and congratulate this year’s recipients! 
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Kieran Daly is a writer and musician from Florida. His recent publications include MCAR (DTL) (Fig. 1) (X. Vol. No. Month. YEAR, 2014), Results (Futow, 2014), and Suspended (of) the formal capacity to sample and thereby preserve such samples according to the conditions from which they appeared (LUMA Foundation, 2014). For his Triple Canopy commission, Daly will present “Music and Pyrrhonism Without Us,” a lecture-performance on Pyrrhonian skepticism and musical systems.

Primavera De Filippi is a postdoctoral researcher at Pantheon-Assas University of Paris II, and currently a research fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. Samer Hassan is an activist and assistant professor of computer science at the Complutense University of Madrid. For their Triple Canopy commission, De Filippi and Hassan will create a crowdfunding system for artistic production, implemented as a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) within the platform and programming language Ethereum.

Sowon Kwon is an artist working in sculptural and video installations, digital animation, drawing, and printmaking. For her Triple Canopy commission, Kwon will create a digital portfolio, "S as in Samsam," which takes as its point of departure the coincidence of linguistic slippage between the diminutive of the English/Hebrew proper name "Samuel" and the Korean slang term of respect and affection for "Teacher" (샘). Kwon's work will explore the professional and personal dimensions of friendship. 

Timothy Leonido is a writer and musician from Philadelphia. For his Triple Canopy commission, Leonido will create an essay and digital text, "The Discipline of the Voice: A Critical Engagement with Corpora," that focuses on the history of the DARPA TIMIT Corpus, a collection of "phonetically balanced" sentences used to develop automatic speech recognition.

Frank Pasquale, a professor of law at the University of Maryland, writes on the political economy of law and information. His book, The Black Box Society: The Hidden Algorithms Behind Money and Information, will be published by Harvard University Press in fall 2014. For his Triple Canopy commission, Pasquale will author an article, "Automating the Automators," on the promise and limits of automation in medicine, law, education, and finance.

Jared Stanley is the author of two collections of poetry and a 2012-2014 Research Fellow at the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art. For his Triple Canopy commission, Stanley will create “Oaths of the Blossoms,” a looseleaf chapbook composed of embossed notary seals, detailing the rights and obligations of ten white wildflowers and affording these species a shadowy “voice” in the debates we undertake on their behalf.

Gillian Walsh is a New York-based choreographer whose work interrogates notions of definitive performance and choreographic mastery. For her Triple Canopy commission, Walsh will use material remnants of her dance-making process—video, photographs, transcribed text, and scores of foot patterns generated by Hasbro’s Twister Dance Rave toy—to create an "online performance" that calls into question commonplace distinctions between process, product, and object of performance.

Triple Canopy's annual call for proposals is generously supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

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