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TOP STORY                                                       October 22, 2015

Discovery of the Holy Cross
“The Finding of the True Cross” by the 14th-century Italian painter Agnolo Gaddi.

Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross

On Sunday, October 25, the Armenian Church will observe the Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross. The feast day marks the fourth-century “discovery” of the actual cross of the Crucifixion by Queen Helena, mother of the Roman emperor Constantine.

At the advanced age of 80, this pious Christian woman made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to identify places where Christ had walked some 300 years earlier. There, after years of prayer and good works, Helena was witness to a miracle: at the foot of Golgotha—the hill where Christ was crucified—workers under her sponsorship unearthed three wooden crosses.

But which one was the true Cross of Christ? In an ingenious solution, the workers brought the body of a recently-deceased man to the site. Placing him on the first two crosses produced no result. But when he was placed on the third, the body stirred to life. This, Helena concluded, must be the True Cross—still surging with the miraculous, life-giving power of Christ’s Resurrection.

The cross is a source of great pride for Armenians as a khachagir—or "cross-bearing"—nation. Over the centuries, Armenians have borne Christ's cross with faith, hope, and love. What was once an instrument of torture and death would become for Christians the symbol of salvation, and victory over death.

Click here to read more about the significance of the cross.

St. James Church in Evanston

A New Khatchkar in Evanston

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Diocesan Primate, will visit St. James Church of Evanston, IL, on Sunday October 25, where he will consecrate a new khatchkar installed on church grounds. The monument is dedicated to the newly canonized saints of the Armenian Genocide of 1915.
On Sunday, the parish also will celebrate the church’s 70th anniversary. Three new icons will be consecrated by the Primate on this occasion. At a luncheon following services, longtime parishioner Anna Marie Norehad will be honored with the “Sts. Sahag Mesrob” medal and Pontifical Encyclical.
Visit for more information.


Scripture of the Week

Wis 14:1-8
Is 33:22-34:1
1 Cor 1:18-24
Mt 24:27-36

Prayer of the Week

By the holy cross let us beseech the Lord, that through it He may deliver us from our sins and save us by the grace of His mercy. Almighty Lord, our God, save us and have mercy on us. Amen.

Upcoming Saints & Feasts

25 October: Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross


Shroud of Turin
The Shroud of Turin, purported to be a burial shroud bearing an image of Christ's human face. The ancient theological question of Christ's human and divine nature was addressed during a recent meeting of the Anglican and Oriental Orthodox churches.

Healing After 1,500 Years

Some disagreements take a long time to resolve.
This month, a dispute about Christian theology with roots going back 1,500 years reached a resolution of sorts, when leaders of the Anglican and Oriental Orthodox churches issued an “Agreed Statement on Christology” as part of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission (AOOIC). The commission held its latest meeting October 5-10 in North Wales, U.K.
The latest gathering was the fourth session in an ongoing “theological dialogue” between two branches of the Christian church, the first session having taken place in 2002 at Holy Etchmiadzin. The meeting brought together leaders of Anglican communion and the Oriental Orthodox family, the latter comprised of the Coptic, Syrian, Malankara, Ethiopian, and Armenian churches.
At issue was the Christological understanding the nature of Christ, first formulated during the Council of Chalcedon in A.D. 451. The churches of the West, as well as the Byzantine/Eastern Orthodox churches hold that Christ possessed two natures—one human, one divine—while the Armenian Church and its sister communions in what came to be known as the Oriental Orthodox family have maintained the more ancient understanding of a single human-divine nature.
In what is being called an historic development, the agreement signed between the Anglican and Oriental Orthodox churches will be a step in healing one of the oldest continuing divisions within Christianity. (It is worth noting that the same issue has been the subject of a dialogue between the modern Eastern/Byzantine Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches since 1951, which reached an amicable conclusion in the 1990s.)
Representing the Armenian Church were Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Western Diocese; and the Very Rev. Fr. Shahe Ananyan, director of Ecumenical Relations at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The Great House of Cilicia sent Archbishop Nareg Alemezian and the Very Rev. Fr. Housig Mardirossian.
To read more, including the “Agreed Statement on Christology,” click here.


Consercration of Holy Martyrs Icon
Faithful at Holy Etchmiadzin venerate the icon of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.

An Iconic Sunday

On Sunday, November 1, every Diocesan parish will hold a special ceremony in which the pastor will consecrate a replica of the icon of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide—the original of which was unveiled last April, during the canonization service at Holy Etchmiadzin.

The day of the icon consecration will be reserved for family worship, so there will be no Sunday or Armenian School on November 1. A special plate collection will be held during the service, to remember our own Genocide Martyrs by helping refugees in the world today. Proceeds will support the United Nations Refugee Fund.
This month, the Diocesan eNewsletter began publishing articles on icons, saints, and other relevant topics. Click here to read this week’s article explaining the symbolism of the new icon of the Holy Martyrs.

We also encourage parishioners to use #holymartyrs on social media to participate in the consecration events by posting photos, comments, and prayers, both before and after November 1. For more information on the November 1 events, contact your local parish.

Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches meet
Participants in the Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation.

Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation Meets

Clergy of the Eastern Diocese took part in a meeting of the United States Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation on October 20 and 21, at Stella Maris Retreat Center in Long Branch, NJ.
Representing the Armenian Church were Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, the Diocese’s Legate and Ecumenical Director; Rev. Fr. Tateos Abdalian, director of Mission Parishes; Rev. Fr. Diran Bohajian, pastor of St. Leon Church of Fair Lawn, NJ; and Eric Vozzy of the Diocese’s Department of Christian Education.
Participants in the meeting, which convenes annually, discuss the centuries-old relations between the Roman Catholic and Oriental Orthodox churches in the context of current theological and pastoral issues facing both traditions. This year’s gathering gave special consideration to the Roman Catholic practice of marriage annulment with Oriental Orthodox reflections.
Also significant was the presentation of a newly ratified statement from the International Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation in Rome regarding the early church and its implications for full communion between our churches today. Fr. Columba Stewart of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN, reported on the work of the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library in its endeavor to preserve ancient manuscripts from all Christian traditions around the world.
The Consultation includes representatives from the Roman Catholic Church, as well as from the churches in the Oriental Orthodox “family”: the Armenian, Coptic, Syrian, Ethiopian, and Malankara (Indian) churches.

Clergy meet at St. James Church, Watertown, MA

Clergy from New England Region Meet in Watertown

Clergy from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island met at St. James Church in Watertown, MA, on Monday, October 19. Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Diocesan Primate, and the Very Rev. Fr. Simeon Odabashian, Diocesan Vicar, led the meeting, which focused on preparing for the icon consecration event scheduled to take place across the parishes on November 1 (see the story above).
Clergy also discussed an upcoming event at St. Vartan Cathedral: On Thursday, November 12, Diocesan clergy will travel to the cathedral to receive the newly blessed Holy Muron; they will perform a Blessing of Water ceremony using the new Muron at their respective parishes on Sunday, November 15. Other conference topics included brainstorming ways to strengthen Diocesan summer camps, reviewing the Diocesan theme for 2016, and thinking of ways to make publications of Holy Etchmiadzin more readily available to clergy in the Eastern Diocese.
A similar clergy meeting will be held in the Midwest next Monday.

FAR Board of Directors members at the Diocesan Center. (file photo)

FAR Board Charts New Paths

The Fund for Armenian Relief’s Board of Directors met last Tuesday to review the organization’s performance in 2015 and set new targets for the coming year.
The meeting highlighted FAR’s activities in promoting child protection in Armenia; addressing child malnutrition in the Tavush and Ararat provinces; training doctors in Nagorno-Karabagh; supporting talented students from socially vulnerable families; training an IT labor force for Armenia and Karabagh; promoting economic development in Armenia’s rural areas; and tending to the elderly through soup kitchens and the Vanadzor Old Age Home. FAR’s crowdsourcing initiative “Ayo!” ( ) received special commendation.
FAR is currently cultivating greater cooperation with local parishes in the Eastern Diocese through the newly inaugurated “FAR-Parishes” initiative. It is also reaching out to the broader population of Armenian-Americans to raise awareness of FAR’s mission and to recruit new supporters.
The board members also agreed to collectively visit Armenia in September 2017 to evaluate progress in FAR’s mission to improve the quality of life for Armenia’s citizens.
Click here to visit FAR’s blog to learn more about its efforts and programs in Armenia.

Four villages in Tavush have new tractors for use in their vineyards.

Tavush Farmers Receive New Tractors

Through the Fund for Armenian Relief’s “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” program, FAR and Planet Finance, an international development organization, worked together to boost the productivity of local vineyards in Tavush, Armenia.
Individual farmers in the villages of Paravakar, Varagavan, Tavush, and Verin Tsaghkavan were encouraged to form cooperatives. They received four tractors with detachable sprinklers and plows, which will enable them to increase production. Village residents financed 25 percent of the cost of the tractors; FAR financed another 25 percent, and Planet Finance covered the rest of the cost.
Click here to read more on FAR’s blog.

Annual Appeal

Support the Diocese's Annual Appeal

The Eastern Diocese’s 2015 Annual Appeal is now underway. The Appeal is the only Diocesan-wide fundraiser conducted each year to help the Diocese undertake the many ministries, programs, and resources that enrich life in our parishes.

The past year has been a genuine milestone in the story of the Armenian people. The Armenian Genocide centennial was a call to remember the great calamity—the unforgettable crime against our people—that has affected every Armenian life of the past century.

But 2015 was also an opportunity for our entire community to reach out in a united fashion, to bring the story of the Genocide to a broad audience: to steer our society towards official recognition, and towards a renewed determination to combat genocide wherever it occurs. We saw the legacy of our Armenian martyrs brought to life.

But none of it happened in a vacuum. We met the challenge of 2015 because our community institutions were strong, prepared, and ready to act. And the Eastern Diocese was a leader in this effort. 

Year in and year out, the Eastern Diocese works to preserve the precious legacy we have inherited. And it is the generous support we receive from people like you that allows us to maintain and expand our vital ministries involving Christian education, Bible study, Armenian language, summer camps, youth outreach, mission parishes, and advanced technologies for communication and instruction, to name a few.

Please accept this invitation to strengthen our efforts. Your generous contribution to the 2015 Annual Appeal will help spread the good work of the Armenian Church across our local communities—and across the generations.
Follow this link to donate now to the 2015 Annual Appeal.


James Kalustian Honored at Holy Trinity Church
Deacon James Kalustian presents the chalice to Fr. Martiros Hakobyan during the Divine Liturgy last Sunday.

Cambridge Names its Parishioner of the Year

“Today is not and should not be about me, but about us—our Holy Trinity Family—and what we can do both collectively and as individuals to say thank you for our many blessings.”
The words were those of James Kalustian, spoken last weekend as he was named “Parishioner of the Year” by the Holy Trinity Church of Cambridge, MA.
Diocesan Primate Archbishop Khajag Barsamian presided over the occasion, praising Mr. Kalustian’s family legacy of leadership, and his dedication to the church at every level of organization—from being a deacon on Holy Trinity’s altar, to chairing the Diocesan Council, to his service and benefactions to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.
Holy Trinity’s annual banquet on October 18 was led by Cambridge pastor the Rev. Fr. Vasken Kouzouian. The Rev. Fr. Martiros Hakobyan, pastor of the St. Kevork Church of Houston, TX, celebrated the Divine Liturgy earlier in the day.
Also honored on the occasion were outgoing parish council members Ara Hollisian and Thomas H. Stephanian, and outgoing Diocesan delegates Gerald Ajemian and David DerVartanian. Click on the following links to read more and view a photo gallery.

Dn. Tom Dabakian honored
Dn. Tom Dabakian receives the “St. Nersess Shnorhali” medal.

Longtime Parishioner Honored in Trumbull

On Thursday, October 15, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Diocesan Primate, visited the Church of the Holy Ascension in Trumbull, CT, where he consecrated the new icon of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide. Assisting the Primate were the Very Rev. Fr. Simeon Odabashian, Diocesan Vicar; Rev. Fr. Untzag Nalbandian, parish pastor; and Rev. Fr. Karekin Kasparian, pastor emeritus of St. Gregory the Enlightener Church of White Plains, NY.  
Also on that day, the parish honored Dn. Tom Dabakian, who has served the church for more than 50 years. Dn. Dabakian was presented with the “St. Nersess Shnorhali” medal. Fr. Odabashian read the Pontifical Encyclical aloud to the more than 140 parishioners taking part in the evening’s service. A reception followed in the church hall.
Click here to view photos.

Gabriel Aljalian.

Take Part in "Gabriel's Day of Kindness"

The Rev. Fr. Arakel Aljalian, pastor of St. James Church of Watertown, MA, and Yn. Natasha Aljalian are organizing “Gabriel’s Day of Kindness” on Tuesday, November 3—a special day in honor of their six-year-old son Gabriel, who was diagnosed with leukemia on November 3, three years ago.
“Inevitably, this time of year, we start to see diagnosis date closing in on the calendar. We wanted to change the meaning of this day—and change it from a dark and sad one to a happy one that helps spread light and happiness,” Yn. Natasha told the Watertown News this week. “We ask you to join in our gratitude by performing acts of kindness in Gabriel’s honor on Nov. 3!”
Click on the following links to read the story about Gabriel in the Watertown News and to visit the “Gabriel’s Day of Kindness” Facebook page.

St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Church, Wynnewood, PA
Sunday School students at St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Church.

A Service Project in Wynnewood

On Sunday October 18, St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Sunday School in Wynnewood, PA, completed its first community service project of the school year.
The children assembled 150 breakfast bags for “Aid for Friends,” a Philadelphia-based organization that assists elderly homebound individuals. After the breakfast bags were assembled, they were blessed in the church by the Very Rev. Fr. Oshagan Gulgulian, parish pastor.
Students brought in donated items to be included in the breakfast bags. Children as young as 5 participated and benefited from the activity, saying they felt happy and proud to serve others.

Ecumenical Services in Cleveland, OH
Fr. Hratch Sargsyan with His Holiness Filaret of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ecumenical Events in Cleveland 

Cleveland’s Armenian community was involved in several ecumenical events during the month of October. 
The Rev. Fr. Hratch Sargsyan, pastor of St. Gregory of Narek Church of Cleveland, joined the local Ukrainian Orthodox community in welcoming His Holiness Filaret, Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Fr. Sargsyan met personally with Patriarch Filaret and conveyed the good wishes of the Armenian Church.
Also this month, St. Gregory of Narek Church officially became a member of the Ohio Council of Churches. The membership process was initiated by Archbishop Vicken Aikazian, Diocesan Legate and Ecumenical Director.
Last weekend, St. Gregory of Narek Church took part in a seminar hosted by Notre Dame College’s Department of Theology, titled “Mary: Praised in Song of East and West.” At the conclusion of the seminar, Fr. Sargsyan led a prayer service invoking the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide. Among attendees were members of Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches who venerated the new icon of the Holy Martyrs.
Click here to view photos 

Armenian Church in Baton Rouge, LA
Altar servers and choir members with Fr. Tateos Abdalian and Fr. Daniel Findikyan.

Baton Rouge Commemorates the Battle of Hadjin

Last weekend, the parishioners of St. Garabed Church of Baton Rouge, LA, welcomed the Rev. Fr. Tateos Abdalian, the Diocese’s director of Mission Parishes, and the Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan, director of the Diocese’s Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center, as they gathered for the parish’s annual commemoration of the heroic defenders of Hadjin.

Many of the local parishioners are descendants of survivors of the Hadjin massacres, perpetrated in the 19th and early 20th centuries while the city was part of the Ottoman Empire.

The entire parish gathered for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, October 18. Following services, madagh was blessed and a luncheon was held in the church hall.  Fr. Findikyan made a presentation on the significance of the canonization of the Holy Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide.

Click here to view photos.

Hye Pointe Armenia Church
A Sunday School student holds the priestly crown.

Learning About Vestments at Hye Pointe

On Sunday, October 18, students of the Hye Pointe Sunday School in Haverhill, MA, learned about the vestments worn by clergy in the Armenian Church.
The special presentation was led by the Rev. Fr. Vart Gyozalian, parish pastor. He spoke to the children about the symbolism of the vestments and explained that the tradition dates to the Old Testament. Children had the opportunity to touch the vestments, examine the embroidery, and ask questions. 

Click here to view photos.

Upcoming events

Upcoming Parish Events

St. John Church | Detroit, MI
St. John Church of Detroit, MI, will host a retirement banquet to honor the parish’s longtime pastor, the Rev. Fr. Garabed Kochakian. The banquet will be held in the Cultural Hall on Sunday, October 25, immediately following the Divine Liturgy. Seating is limited. Click here to view the invitation; to make a reservation, contact Izzy Vahratian at (248) 890-2185.

St. John Church will host a concert featuring violinists Ani and Ida Kavafian on Saturday, November 7, at 7 p.m. Click here to view a flyer for ticket information.

St. George Church | Hartford, CT
St. George Church of Hartford, CT, will host its annual Armenian Food Festival on Friday, October 23 (5-8 p.m.) and Saturday, October 24 (11 a.m.-6 p.m.)  Enjoy lamb and chicken kebab dinners (eat-in/take-out), homemade paklava, pastries, and delicacies. Attic treasures, Armenian novelty items, and dry goods will be available for purchase. Click here to view a flyer for information.

Holy Trinity Church | Cambridge, MA
Holy Trinity Church of Cambridge, MA, will host its second annual tailgate party on Sunday, October 25. Watch the New England Patriots face off the New York Jets. The event will be held from 12 to 4:30 p.m. in the church’s Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall. Enjoy food and snacks, while watching the game on a 12-foot screen. The event is sponsored by the "Trinity Men’s Union." Click here to view a flyer. For information, contact the church office at (617) 354-0632, or e-mail
Friends of Holy Trinity 1000 Club will host their annual “Fall Dinner and Drawing" on Thursday, October 29, at 6:30 p.m., in the Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall. The dinner will be followed by the regular monthly raffle drawing at 8 p.m. All are welcome to attend. Click here to visit the parish website for information.

Holy Cross Church | Union City, NJ
Holy Cross Church of Union City, NJ, will host its annual Bazaar and Food Festival on Saturday, October 31, from 6 to 10 p.m. Enjoy luleh kebab, khavourma, keshkeg soup, kufteh, and other Armenian specialties. A children’s Halloween party will be held at 5 p.m. The Antranig Dance Ensemble will also perform. Click here to view a flyer for information, or contact the church office at (201) 864-2480, or via e-mail at

Holy Trinity Church | Cheltenham, PA
Holy Trinity Church of Cheltenham, PA, will host its “Harvest Bazaar” on October 23-25. Enjoy Armenian food, live music, shopping, and other activities. A children’s Halloween parade will be held on Sunday. Click here to view a flyer for information.

Church of Our Savior | Worcester, MA
The Church of Our Savior of Worcester, MA, and the Master Singers of Worcester will present an “Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemorative Concert” in Worcester on Sunday, October 25. The performance will be held at Mechanics Hall (321 Main Street), beginning at 4 p.m.   
The program will include selections in Armenian, as well as the world premiere of “A New Armenia” by Stephan Barnicle, a commissioned work in English set to the famous text by William Saroyan; and the local premiere of “Requiem For The Living” in Latin by Dan Forrest. 
The participating performing groups include the Master Singers of Worcester and the Armenian Community Singers of Greater Worcester. A Children’s Chorus comprised of members from the Armenian community, First Congregational Church of Shrewsbury, and Saint Mary’s Catholic Church of Shrewsbury will present songs in Armenian, and an Armenian Community Children’s Dance Group will perform two traditional Armenian dances. Click here to view a flyer for ticket information, or call (508) 756-2931.

St. Mary Church | Livingston, NJ
On Sunday, October 25, St. Mary Church of Livingston, NJ, will sponsor a cultural day to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Enjoy a potluck lunch with Armenian fare, listen to readings about survivor experiences, and hear piano selections. The day also will feature prints of paintings by guest artist Jackie Kazarian of Chicago. Please RSVP to attend. Click here to view a flyer for information.

Sts. Sahag and Mesrob  Church | Providence, RI
Sts. Sahag and Mesrob  Church of Providence, RI, will host Its 85th annual “Food Fair & Bazaar” on Saturday, November 7 (11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and Sunday, November 8 (12 to 6 p.m.). Sample Armenian foods and pastries, enjoy activities for children, take part in raffles and a silent auction, browse Armenian vendor booths, and more. Click here to view a flyer for information.

Hye Pointe Church | Haverhill, MA
Hye Pointe Church of Haverhill, MA, will host “Autumnfest 2015” on Friday, November 6 (12 to 8 p.m.) and Saturday, November 7 (12 to 7 p.m.). Enjoy Armenian food and pastries, as well as raffles and other activities. Click here to view a flyer for information.

St. Sarkis Church | Dallas, TX
St. Sarkis Church of Dallas, TX, is sponsoring a multimedia performance titled "Travel with Me to Armenia." The event will be held on November 6, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Plano Courtyard Theatre (1509 H Ave in Plano, TX).
Enjoy an art exhibition featuring the works of Armenian artists. Then watch St. Sarkis singers and dancers perform in an engaging program featuring a technological show. Click on the following links to view a flyer and to purchase tickets.

St. Thomas Church | Tenafly, NJ
The Cultural Committee of St. Thomas Church of Tenafly, NJ, and the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society of New Jersey will host a discussion with author Chris Bohjalian on Friday, November 6, beginning at 8 p.m. Mr. Bohjalian's presentation is titled "The View from the Crevasse: What I have learned since ‘The Sandcastle Girls' was published." A reception will follow the talk. Admission is free. Click here to view a flyer. For information, call Talar at (201) 240-8541, or Hamazkayin at (908) 866-6150.

Holy Martyrs Church | Bayside, NY
Holy Martyrs Church of Bayside, NY, will host two performances by “Taline and Friends” on Saturday, November 7. A performance scheduled for 2 p.m. is sold out, but names are being taken for the waiting list. The second performance is scheduled for 5 p.m. A reception and meet-and-greet with cast members will follow the shows. For tickets and information, contact Shoushan at (516) 876-0865, or; or Lara at (917) 951-7287 or

Christmas Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
The Rev. Fr. Arakel Vardazaryan, Rev. Fr. Hakob Gevorgyan, and Rev. Fr. Mesrob Hovsepyan will lead an Armenian Christmas Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, from January 11 to 20. The 10-day journey will include visits to Jerusalem (and a tour of the city’s Armenian Quarter), Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, and other holy sites. Click here for registration information.


Leedership Conference

Register for the ACYOA Leadership Conference

The ACYOA Central Council will host its annual Leadership Conference the weekend of November 13-15, at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center in Kansasville, WI (outside Milwaukee).

The Leadership Conference is an opportunity for young adults, ages 18 and older, from across the Diocese to strengthen their leadership skills and to come together for worship and fellowship. This year’s conference will focus on the Diocesan theme “Living the Gospel of Christ: Legacy of Our Martyrs,” and include presentations, small group discussions, and time for personal reflection.
All conference costs (except travel expenses) are covered by the ACYOA Central Council. Click here for online registration; the deadline to register is November 5. For information, contact Lorie Odabashian, the Diocese’s Youth and Young Adult Ministries coordinator, at, or by phone at (215) 452-8322.


Concelebration Liturgy

Concelebrated Divine Liturgy on Saturday

The 2015 Concelebrated Divine Liturgy organized by the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches will be held on Saturday, October 24, at St. Mark Syriac Orthodox Cathedral in Teaneck, NJ. His Holiness Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, will be the chief celebrant.
Parishioners in the greater New York area are encouraged to take part in this special service. Click here for more information.

Shushi Armenian Dance Ensemble will perform on Nov. 1.

Shushi Dance Ensemble to Perform in New Jersey

Shushi Armenian Dance Ensemble of St. Vartan Cathedral will give a performance titled “Remember 1915” on Sunday, November 1. The performance will take place at Felician College in Lodi, NJ, beginning at 5 p.m. More than 120 dancers, under the leadership of Seta Paskalian-Kantardjian, will perform with vocalists from Armenia, Los Angeles, and New York. 
Click here to view a flyer for information. For tickets, call (201) 774-8744 or visit

Manhattanville College

"Armenia Day" at Manhattanville College

On October 30 and 31, Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY, will host “Armenia Day”—a conference commemorating the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.
Presentations will be made by author Antonia Arslan, Shant Mardirossian, chair of the Near East Foundation, and others. The Antranig Dance Ensemble will perform.
The event is open to the public. Click here to view a flyer for information.