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September 2013

Its been a long long time since I've sent out a newsletter. More than 18 months actually. phew. That's the amount of time I've been working part time in the north east of Tasmania helping to build a wind farm. But its built now, and I'm beginning to focus back on FIMBY and all the lovely old and new clients that I've neglected for so long!

So what's news?

Well, since FIMBY has been operating at very low revs for a while now, the team that you might remember are mostly doing other things now. Juliet, Danny, Ben, Hazel and Claire are all well, growing their vegies, being beacons of thoughtful living and community connections all over the place . . . and not working with FIMBY directly any more. We catch up occasionally (not nearly often enough we always say) and know that we shared a couple of years that were something special.

Christina is now the sole owner of FIMBY, and has an evolving crew of casual helpers to do all the heavy work. We're still establishing new gardens, installing raised beds, doing consultations and design work, helping to overhaul unruly vegie patches, and getting involved in interesting community projects. All of which we'll tell you about in these newly formatted (ahem, sorry for any glitches, we're just getting the hang of this), REGULAR newsletters!

Gardening jobs this week:

Tie up your peas! The equinox brings windy weather, and peas that have been growing through winter are getting tall and good looking now. Its a sad thing to see lovely lush pea vines all bashed up by the wind. You can pre-emptively tie them up to supports to help protect them. Or cut off the broken bits and tie them up later!

While on the subject of pre-emptive garden actions: watch out for cold overnight temperatures. When you see an overnight forecast  of 2 degrees or less, there is a high risk of frost damage to sensitive new growth in susceptible plants. A good protective measure is to 'fluff up' mulch material around sensitive plants (like this newly emerged potato vine shown above). By lightly covering the plant you'll stop the ice crystals forming on the leaves and causing damage. The next day brush off the loose material and check your babies for any damage.

Chop up and lightly dig in your green manure crops, ready for tomato planting in about 6 weeks. We don't like to recommend digging your garden very much, but its the best way to incorporate the goodness of your green manure crop. Chopping it up into short lengths first with some shears is warming work, and helps it to break down more quickly.

Pick your asparagus spears as they emerge in the next few months. If you have young plants you'll need to leave some spears to grow and open out into ferny fronds later in the season. This will allow the plant to manufacture some sugars (using the sunlight and air and soil water and nutrients - how miraculous!) and build strong roots and crowns. If your plant has been established for a long time, you can pick the new spears right up till nearly Christmas, and then leave them to grow tops in the new year.

Lemon Curd yummm

Perfect delectable creation for this time of year when lemons are abundant.

4 or 5 medium lemons
120g unsalted butter
200g sugar
4 medium eggs

Finely grate the zest of lemons, and juice them. Combine juice and zest with butter and sugar in a heavy based saucepan. Stir over gentle heat till sugar dissolved. Take off heat to cool down a bit.

Lightly whisk eggs and strain, then add to lemon butter sugar mixture. Return to gentle heat and stir constantly until thickened. Pour into sterilised jars and keep in fridge for up to two weeks.

Ha! 2 weeks. Not likely!

FIMBY is . . .

I still would love to see FIMBY picked up by someone(s) energetic, excited, visionary and committed to further developing this very good thing that we created. Its such a soul-satisfying way to be working in the world.

The offering of FIMBY for sale represents an opportunity for a purchaser to invest in an exciting business with a recognised brand, proven profitability, and a bright future full of opportunities to diversify.

I am offering a hand over period in which I will introduce the purchaser to current clients and do some joint marketing and business development.

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested, I can send out an information pack for prospective purchasers, and would be happy to chat.

Seeking ideas

Its a bit of a new phase for FIMBY now, and since you're a valued member of our FIMBY network, we're keen to hear what you would most like from us.

More garden tours? Workshops? Informal meet-ups and seed swaps? Weekly garden guide newsletters? Competitions?  Any ideas are welcome.

We've done some great demonstrations with community gardening groups (eg pruning) and we'll be at this year's Sustainable Living Festival which has the theme "make it". I'll have some of my up-cycled animal feed bags there to sell and give away as prizes.

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