The computer service club is saving people money!
It's been a long time since I've put one of these together, I know, and I appreciate your patience. A lot has happened since the last newsletter and the first thing you probably noticed is the change in format. My previous newsletters were just too much to crank out on a regular basis (I was including 3 articles, links and a top 10 list every week) and I ran out of steam after the 12th. edition. After several "false starts" I think I've come up with a format that should be a lot easier to put together on a regular basis. 
Sean McCarthy
I do have several things I want to talk about in this newsletter. The first is the computer service club that we started in December 2010. We just finished our first year and it looks like we've got all the bugs in the system worked out. So far just about all of our club members have expressed their satisfaction with the program (we even have some testimonials posted on our website that you can read by clicking this link) and the workload isn't extreme. We're well on our way to achieving our goal of 200 members.

If you aren't familiar with "the club" it's kind of like AAA for your computer. Instead of paying a high hourly rate for computer repair, members of the computer service club pay a low, $27 per month fee and have their Join the club!machines maintained on a monthly basis. For that monthly fee members first get their machine cleaned and tuned up (even if the machine is infected with a virus or has any other "pre existing conditions") and then each month around their sign up date we reconnect to their machine and check all of the systems to make sure that everything is running correctly. If I find any problem during the service call I fix it but I am also available to answer questions and solve problems any time during the month. 

I put this club together as a way to offset the cost of repair by giving people a way to get their machine fixed without it costing several hundres dollars out of pocket. This way if someone calls with a machine that is going to take 3 or 4 hours to fix, all they pay is $27 out of pocket and commit to staying with the club for at least a year.

People still have the option of paying by the hour but the "Club" has helped a number of people get the repairs that they needed but couldn't afford. You can read more about the Computer Service Club by clicking here.

FacebookTwitterThe next item I wanted to talk about is Facebook and Twitter. I know that quite a few of my readers have Facebook and Twitter accounts and I'd like to invite you to follow me. My personal page can be found on Facebook by going to and my business page can be found here: For twitter follow CThisOnline. Facebook and Twitter are both excellent ways to stay in touch and informed and best of all they're free.

The third item I wanted to mention is our affiliation with DriveSavers. Over the years I've seen my share of dead hard drives and the fact of theDriveSavers
matter is that many people do not have any backup plan in place. That's just a disaster waiting to happen. If the drive is still accessible there is hope for recovering data but if the drive isn't recognized or won't power up then the data recovery project requires special equipment and even a "clean room." DriveSavers is a company that specializes in recovering data from dead drives and they have been successful with everyone that I've referred to them. As a last resort, when you absolutley need to recover data off of a dead drive, DriveSavers can help. Click here to learn more about DriveSavers (also be sure to check out the hard drive simulator and take a look at what goes on inside a hard drive!)

Well that's about it for now. Have a wonderful 2012 everyone and I'll write again soon.


Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy MCP, CITRMS
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