It’s been a fairly slow month, with nothing of great import happening. I’ve just been plugging away at a bit of everything, so this will be a short update.

Anneliese and I have been working on drafting the second Shallic Sea novel; we got five chapters in before realizing we were coming at the story from the wrong angle, so we scrapped those opening chapters and started again with chapter one. The outline feels much better now, but of course this means we’ll have to work hard to catch up to where we thought we’d be at this point.

As for my solo projects, I’ve written the first two chapters of The Case of the Golden Vigilante, and I like where the story is going so far. I’ve also started drafting the next short story about Pretty and Denny. This puts me on track for where I expected to be with these stories, so hopefully I’ll be able to stay on schedule and achieve the unprecedented feat of finishing something with time to spare instead of racing to finish just in time for the deadline.

I’ve also submitted the audiobook of “Magical Mechanics” to Audible for approval; as usual, I can’t guarantee how quickly they’ll review it, but I expect it’ll be available within a couple weeks.

Finally, I’m pretty busy with art right now. I got a commission this month to design a book cover, and I’m also preparing paintings to take with me to JordanCon for the art show. Last year’s art show was quite a success despite the lower attendance due to Covid; hopefully my work will sell even better this year with the con expecting its largest attendance ever.

For now, that’s all I have to report. I expect March to be a much more interesting month, so hopefully I’ll have more to include in my next newsletter.

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