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Dragon-Bone Engine Audio

This month I’ve been working mainly on recording audiobooks. Most importantly, I’ve completed the audio version of The Case of the Dragon-Bone Engine and it’s available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!

I’ve also started recording Jubilant, though I’m only a few chapters into that one. I plan to pick away at it a bit at a time over the upcoming months and hopefully release it in the fall. Moving forward, I’m aiming to publish audio versions of books about nine months after the original text publication. This should give me time to record without feeling rushed, and it’ll also space things out so audio versions are coming out in the gaps between new publications.

New Writing Projects

This year, my big project is the second Royal Investigative Service book, The Case of the Golden Vigilante. I put together a rough outline of this book last year, but my ideas have changed a bit since then, so I’m planning to devote a lot of time in February to adjusting and polishing the outline. This gives me exactly one year for the entire process from outline to final draft, since I’m planning to publish this one in February 2023.

Anneliese and I are also already jumping into the second book of the Shallic Sea Chronicles, Keltorax. We wrote a complete rough draft of this book a couple years ago, but during the process of editing book one, enough things changed (especially character arcs) that we’re redoing Keltorax from scratch rather than editing the existing draft. The plot is the same, but the details have changed dramatically. So far we’ve written the first four chapters of the new rough draft, and we’ll keep picking away at it. Hopefully we’ll finish in the autumn, which means I can hand it over to Anneliese for her round of editing before I hit the final crunch of prepping Golden Vigilante for publication.

Premade Book Covers

My other new project this past month has been art-related. I’ve recently learned that premade book covers are a big deal among indie authors who don’t have the money to commission bespoke covers for their books. I’ve joined a premade cover site and started designing covers for authors to pick from. I’m creating a range from simple photomanipulations to full digital paintings. If you know anyone who’s planning to self-publish soon, please share the link with them!

My Premade Cover Store

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In the meantime, if you want more tidbits of story and world building information, Anneliese and I are both sharing our process on Twitter.

I'm also posting story information on my website, as well as sharing costume making and excerpts from the book on my YouTube channel, Crafting the Fantastic.

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As many of you know, I illustrate all the artwork in my books. Check out some of my work and get information on commissions here.

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