Shallic Sea Update

Jubilant Cover Reveal!

I’ve finally finished the cover art for Jubilant. I’ve started revealing it a bit at a time on social media, but you get to see the full image a couple days before the rest of the internet.

Thanks to those of you who looked at drafts of the cover and helped me pick the best fonts, colors, and border designs!

Jubilant Penultimate Draft

Anneliese just finished her run-through of Jubilant, which means our beta readers now have access to all the chapters. We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback, and we’ve also spent a lot of time talking about the book and deciding on some adjustments that should help the plot and character arcs flow more smoothly.

I’m following behind Anneliese, making edits based on our conversations and the comments from our wonderful beta readers. So far I’m 14 chapters into my draft, which makes it time to start looking for gamma readers to help us polish up the manuscript for the final draft. If you’re interested in reading and commenting on the full book, let me know and I’ll add you to the list of potential gamma readers. I’ll be sending out an email in about 2 weeks to nail down a list of readers and start the next round of reviews.

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In the meantime, if you want more tidbits of story and world building information about the Royal Investigative Service or the upcoming Shallic Sea books, Anneliese and I are both sharing our process on Twitter. I'm also posting story information on my website,

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