“Fairies need not apply.”
Denny Parker has seen that sign in the windows of far too many shops. But if he can’t find steady work, his drunk of a father will throw him out on the street. And now he has Pretty to think of, too. Without her father’s pay, she and her family are barely scraping by. Denny wants to support her and build a future with her, but he can’t stomach the thought of returning to work at the factory where his brother died. He's running out of options, and he'll need to do something desperate to find his place in the world.

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Jubilant Edit Continues Apace

August will be a month of editing. Anneliese is just about finished with her draft of Jubilant, and I’m following close behind, hoping to edit all 28 chapters in August. That’s a lot of work, and it might push into September, but we’ll see!

I’m also planning to finish painting the cover for Jubilant in August, so keep an eye out for a cover reveal in the next newsletter! You may also get a sneak peek at one of the interior illustrations.

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In the meantime, if you want more tidbits of story and world building information about the Royal Investigative Service or the upcoming Shallic Sea books, Anneliese and I are both sharing our process on Twitter. I'm also posting story information on my website,

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