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Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to share news from the Environmental Law Program here at Duke Law. It has been a busy and productive year. Our colleague Jim Salzman will soon release his new book, Drinking Water: A History, a fascinating account of the history and future of a precious and diminishing resource. And Professor Jonathan Wiener had the honor of co-chairing the 2012 World Congress on Risk, which examined, among many other topics, risk management relating to global climate change, natural disasters, and the growing use of synthetic biology. Chris Schroeder is serving as assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Policy at the U.S. Department of Justice. And we recently welcomed to our faculty Rachel Brewster, who joins us from Harvard and brings broad experience in international trade law and particular expertise in agricultural and cap-and-trade policies.

Our Environmental Law and Policy Clinic has had a banner year. We’ve worked with clients to pursue protections for the Miami Blue butterfly and to develop responsible guidelines for vegetation clear-cutting for billboards. And our Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum sponsored two excellent conferences this year, one on hydraulic fracking and another on conservative views on environmental policy.

I invite you to explore our new Environmental Law Program website and read more about the news, events, people, and programs at Duke.

Best wishes,

Ryke Longest
Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
Duke University School of Law

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Drinking Water

A fundamental relationship
Salzman’s new book explores history through the lens of an essential resource: drinking water.

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Miami Blue Butterfly