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This week: two videos for the price of one! Covering new blog posts from Meta AI and OpenAI...

1️⃣ Meta AI Generates Artworks with Text and Sketches! 👀


Make-A-Scene is not “just another Dalle”. The goal of this new model isn’t to allow users to generate random images following text prompt as dalle does — which is really cool — but restricts the user control on the generations.

Instead, Meta wanted to push creative expression forward, merging this text-to-image trend with previous sketch-to-image models, leading to “Make-A-Scene”: a fantastic blend between text and sketch-conditioned image generation. Learn more in the video. Read more here...
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2️⃣ How OpenAI Reduces risks for DALL·E 2 🧐


You’ve all seen amazing-looking images like these, entirely generated by an artificial intelligence model. I covered multiple approaches on my channel, like Craiyon, Imagen, and the most well-known, Dall-e 2.

Most people want to try them and generate images from random prompts, but the majority of these models aren’t open-source, which means we, regular people like us, cannot use them freely. Why? This is what we will dive into in this video... Or read more here...
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3️⃣ AI Ethics with Lauren

Despite having some choice words for OpenAI regarding their bias problems with CLIP, I think they’ve done a great job at mitigating bias at many points early on with DALL•E 2, and it seems to be working well. I especially appreciate the reweighting of the images when the team realized there was an imbalance reflected in the results. It often appears like filtering negative data is the ultimate bias mitigator, but OpenAI has proved you can (and should) go multiple steps further to reduce harm.

My greatest hope for DALL•E 2 is that its bias mitigation treatment sets a precedent for the level of care that should be shown in many other models, even when they’re not massive, widely used meme sources. Do the right thing even when no one is watching!

- AI Ethics segment by Lauren Keegan

4️⃣ Come with me at Ai4 2022!

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