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1️⃣ The 5 Best AI Articles of May 2022 ! 🚀🔥


Here are the five best articles related to artificial intelligence in May posted by you guys.

Going through all the articles and finding these five gems to share with you was a lot of fun. But I had to select five amongst hundred of other super interesting ones that you might enjoy, even more, so please feel free to look at the AI tag on Hackernoon to see similar articles and keep learning! Reading what everyone writes is so cool and inspiring. I love it.

Get inspired as well and watch this month's top 5!

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2️⃣ AI Ethics with Lauren

No surprise that I picked #1 in Louis' video! I am reviewing The Development of AI: Balancing Convenience and Ethics by Ryan Ayers on Hackernoon.

I appreciate how accessibly this is written, as its setup of the problem is understandable even to people just being introduced to this puzzle. I would point to this as a great overview article for AI ethics as a whole. As each section gives a primer of the major categories of AI ethics challenges, it helps the reader understand the breadth of the landscape while honing in on particular problems in place in these areas, which the reader can further investigate.

I love that the distinction between responsibility and ethics is called in, as these are sometimes used interchangeably when they refer to different approaches. I’ve referred many times to the need for sharper, more robust language surrounding AI in order to improve ethical approaches. The quotes from Dr. Shah makes the use of marketing around ‘responsibility’ more apparent, and warns the reader of this type of ethics washing.

My absolute favorite part of this article is that it calls for ethics to be integrated at multiple points in the AI creation process, mainly that “...developers need to keep ethics at the forefront of all the work they do.” It is a hard truth to face, but it’s important to recognize and know that the onus is not just on the individual, but the system as well. The need for regulation is rightfully emphasized, necessitating careful deliberation and interdisciplinary collaboration. A call for codifying ethics is a worthy endeavor, but my only qualm is that we should pay attention to include a multiplicity of ethical approaches when doing so.

Considering the potential of sentience and the implications of AGI helps put into perspective the idea that what we are creating has lasting consequences that can very well result in a whole new category of ethical problems of artificial, human-created consciousness.

Ethics is a practice that helps us live better. I like to emphasize that it’s not about naysaying or wanting to tamp down progress in AI - in fact, philosophy is known as the queen of the sciences and helped us get to where we are today! It’s a matter of creating a better world for everyone in it. Ideally, the solution to this dichotomy should focus on making ethical considerations more convenient to incorporate and practice, reducing the friction between the choices the industry currently faces.

- AI Ethics segment by Lauren Keegan
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