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1️⃣ How an AI Understands Videos 👀🧠


We’ve seen AI generate text, then generate images and most recently even generate short videos, even though they still need work. The results are incredible when you think that no one is actually involved in the creation process of these pieces and it only has to be trained once to then be used by thousands of people like stable diffusion is. Still, do these models really understand what they are doing? Do they know what the picture or video they just produced really represents? What does such a model understand when it sees such a picture or, even more complex, a video? Read more...
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2️⃣ AI Ethics with Lauren

I tend to be strict about language use for AI, so I adopt the stance that understanding on a human level in AI cannot truly occur. This is similar to my observations about AI forever lacking knowledge due to its inability to satisfy the belief condition of the theory of knowledge. Without cognition there can be no belief, and no understanding as well.

However, our goals for AI success are often more focused on functional equivalence than actual equivalence. This pseudo-understanding is clearly improving. The way that the frames communicate and allow the model to share information between frames to create a final representation for the video is the closest thing AI has to context, which forms the basis for understanding. This is exciting because, as Louis said, it’s not just seeing the images as separate entities, it’s establishing relationships between entities to form a basis for what is going on. This is a huge step for more ethical AI because this can help make AI safer, more useful, and more beneficial in its applications.

- AI Ethics segment by Lauren Keegan

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