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1️⃣ How to Read More Research Papers? 🧐


Three years ago, I saw my first research paper ever. I remember how old it looked and how discouraging the mathematics inside was. It really did look like what the researchers worked on in movies. To be fair, the paper was from the 1950s, but it hasn’t changed much since then.

Fast-forward to this day, I’ve gained a lot of experience reading them weekly for my youtube channel, or even daily for my own research. Still, I know how overwhelming a first read can be, especially the first read of your first research paper.

This is why I felt like sharing my best tips and practical tools I use daily to simplify my life and be more efficient when looking for interesting research papers and reading them. Read more...

Another thing to consider when wanting to be more efficient is actually to be a bit less "efficient", or less "optimized" than we might think. It is necessary to take some of your precious time to do activities you love, move a bit, sleep enough, and even take some time off to recharge your battery. I promise, you will be more efficient, and for longer if you consider doing some activities, sleeping at least 7 hours, and adding in a hobby you love each day, even though it cuts from some work. It will de-stress you and make you more productive when you need to work instead of procrastinating or scrolling on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn...

If you'd like to learn more about the importance of sleep, which I value highly, feel free to check out the video I made about it, leaving you with a quote I love from the hottest sleep expert;

"Sleep is not a disposable luxury - it's a non-negotiable biological necessity." -Matthew Walker

2️⃣ Want more tips?

The most useful tools I use daily as a research scientist for finding and reading AI research papers:
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