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PANIL April Meeting  
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm via Zoom

Reimaginging Public Safety
Anne Marks, member of the Re-imagining Public Safety Task Force, will talk about the recommendations the City Council has accepted on ways to reduce police spending and boost non-police safety programs.  

Marks is the long-time executive director of Youth Alive, a nationally recognized organization focused on violence prevention and intervention strategies. Dan Kalb says, "She understands public sector budgets, gun violence as a public health issue, and policing in Oakland."

You can see all the Task Force's recommendations HERE  

Click here for the Zoom link.
Meeting ID: 941 5858 1708
Passcode: 540741

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8-Story Building Proposed for Saw Mill Parking Lot
The newsletter from SF YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) reports that an 8-story mixed use building is being proposed for the parking lot at 3403 Piedmont Avenue behind the historic Saw Mill Building on Broadway. A small structure fronting on Piedmont Avenue would be demolished for the project. See more information HERE.
The proposed building has seven floors of 76 residential units over ground floor commercial space. Of the 76 units, 7 are low income and 7 are affordable, which qualifies the development under state law to request waivers from certain local zoning codes such as height, density, parking, open space, or other rules.
Neighbors have not yet been formally notified of the application by the Oakland Zoning Department, so it is not clear what waivers from zoning codes will be requested. However, the 76 units reportedly have only 56 vehicle parking spaces, which indicates that a waiver is being requested for the usual 1 space per unit.

Rendering by oWow Design.

PANIL and nearby neighbors will follow this application process and report information in the PANIL Newsletter. 

PANIL Beat Loses Dedicated Officer in Budget Cuts
Police to Attend Meetings Quarterly
Under Oakland’s community policing structure, each of the city’s 35 police beats would normally have a dedicated Community Resource Officer (CRO) to respond to chronic, non-emergency issues, and to work on the issues the neighbors set as priorities at Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) meetings. Because of revenue shortfalls due to the Covid pandemic’s economic impacts, Oakland City Council cut some CRO positions. PANIL’s Beat 9X has one of the lowest rates of violent or serious crimes in the city, and so our CRO position was one of those cut.
PANIL’s Beat 9X will be served this budget cycle by a rotating series of officers from other beats, who will help maintain beat priorities and work on open projects. As a result, while PANIL will continue to meet monthly as a general neighborhood group, we will only include a formal NCPC portion to our meetings quarterly.  Meetings to include police presence for 2021 will be April 14, June 9, September 8, and December 8.
Public safety concerns can be communicated via our area’s Sgt. Alain Manguy at This does not substitute for making reports to the emergency and non-emergency numbers:
Oakland Police Emergency: 911
When calling 911 from a cell phone in Oakland, use Oakland’s 10-digit emergency number: (510) 777-3211
Police Non-emergency: (510) 777-3333
The situation was explained by PANIL’s February guest speakers, Deputy Chief Chris Bolton, now serving West Oakland but formerly our area’s captain, and our District 1 City Councilmember Dan Kalb.
Unlike the federal government, the city must balance its budget. $14.3 Million is being cut from OPD, much by moving functions to other parts of the city in June when the budget will be finalized. By January 1, an additional deficit of $50–$60 Million is expected.
Kalb says he does not support the 25% cut to the successful anti-violence Ceasefire Program proposed by the Mayor and City Administrator, but he says criminal investigations will be spared. Mental health crises, traffic enforcement, demonstration and sideshow monitoring, and some other functions are likely to be transferred to other departments. Neighborhood Services Coordinators are now under the City Administrator’s office.
Kalb also referenced the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force report, which has subsequently been released and adopted by City Council. The task force’s recommendations will be the topic of PANIL’s April 14 meeting.

PANIL, a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, is supported by donations to cover the regular ongoing costs of maintenance of the website, newsletter production, and fees associated with reporting requirements to California's Secretary of State and to the IRS.  Donations to PANIL also build a reserve fund for the costs incurred when we pay the fee to appeal decisions of the Oakland Planning Department about development or construction in our area.  Those costs include filing fees and hiring lawyers to advocate for neighborhood standards.

PANIL Newsletter April 2021
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