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Date: 01.03.17

Gender matters in war reporting

Being a journalist in war zones and armed conflicts is becoming increasingly dangerous. Most of the journalists killed in the field are men, but the concern is about the security of their female colleagues.

Assisted fertilisation has become natural

The debate concerning reproductive technology in Norway challenges the limits for what is considered natural pregnancy.

Children have the right to their own gender identity

In Norway, children under the age of sixteen can now change their legal gender. Anniken Sørlie investigates how the legislation affects the way children and youth perceive their own identity.

News on Gender Balance and Diversity in Research

More want gender-competent managers

The University of Agder is now requiring its new upper-level managers to have competency in gender equality, based on a model from NTNU – and other institutions are considering following suit.

Puts gender equality on the map

Gender equality is one of six priority areas in the new ERA Roadmap for research – and there will be regular follow-up of progress in this area in all European countries.

News gathered on the portal Gender in Norway

Norwegian Universities Want Equality For Men

An updated version of the Gender Equality Act, aimed at ensuring equality for men in academia, will be presented this year.

Fewest marriages since 2006

In 2016, 22 500 couples married. This is the lowest number since 2006. 278 marriages were contracted between same sex couples. Of these, 121 marriages were contracted between two men and 157 were contracted between two women.

Book launch: Feeling Gender

Oslo 30 March
This seminar presents and discusses a new book by Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen: Feeling Gender. A Generational and Psychosocial Approach, published by Palgrave-Macmillan.
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From Apetite:

Meat and masculinity in the Norwegian Armed Forces

New book:

van Es, Margaretha: Stereotypes and Self-Representations of Women with a Muslim Background: The Stigma of Being Oppressed

New PhD thesis:

The Egalitarian Heart. Global Care Chains in the Filipino Au Pair Migration to Norway


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