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New web site 

Our old web site has performed well and was successful, but we've designed a new one, more visual, faster, with a more intuitive layout and integrated with the social networks.

We have included some new features that allow you a better view of our projects. Here we explain just four of those new features, you'll find some more in the site.

We hope that you enjoy it!

menu idiomes


The web site now is available in four languages: English, Catalan, Spanish and French

You may change the language of any given web page directly at the language menu, always visible at the top left corner.
Mapa ab paisatgistes

Google Maps

A new way to visit the projects: we've placed them on Google Maps, so you may travel from one project to the next one moving the mouse on the map.
pàgina col·laboracions

Our people

A landscape design office does not reach far without external collaborations and a team of its own: We have improved the way to present our collaborators, including a list of the projects where we have worked together. 

You will also fins a page with the people who have worked in the office throughout these years.
Xarxes socials

Social networks and newsletters

Now you may click a "Like" on your Facebook, send a tweet, pin an image or add a note to your Linkedin page directly from the web itself, thanks to the buttons that you will find.

There is also a link to the various newsletters (like this one), as well as a subscribing form.

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