Your 3 Biggest Giving Opportunities Now!

It’s February, but December is coming.  Did you know that NCF receives more than 50% of its contributions during the month of December?  While that statistic is incredible, it actually pales in comparison to what it could be.  
Why? Most people get caught up in the rush of December and miss out on significant giving opportunities. Here are three of the biggest opportunities that—if addressed now—could become reality:
1. The Business Sale—No doubt the biggest opportunity for more giving is when a business owner is selling their business. At the point of sale, the capital gains tax, as well as income tax liability, are at their peak. 
Giving a portion of your business’ stock before the purchase agreement is signed can drastically decrease tax liability in favor of more giving.  Sadly, many owners contact us too late in the process and end up paying more tax. If you are an owner contemplating a sale, or if you know someone contemplating a sale, now is the time to contact us. Click here for a concept sheet or email Evan Lange for more information.
2. The Business Interest/Real Estate Gift—The government allows you to deduct up to 30% of your income using capital assets. Typically, that deduction can be achieved by using ownership interest in a business or real estate.  

This gift can be made without an imminent sale. Think of it! Increase your deductions by 30% without using cash! Unfortunately, this type of gift often stalls at year-end because there are several details to address, like getting a valuation. The time to start this process is now. Click on the following links for more information: Business Interest Concept Sheet & Real Estate Concept Sheet.
3. The One Receipt Strategy—The key to increasing generosity is often as simple as creating liquidity. Many people try to manage their giving from their checkbook, where they pay all of their other living expenses.  

We find that when people do all of their giving through their giving fund, they accomplish several goals. First, they build liquidity so when a need arises they can access their fund and give. Second, by using this strategy donors can give a lump sum at year-end then carry the balance over to give throughout the next year. Lastly, by doing all their giving through their fund, they’ll receive one tax receipt at year-end.

Giving Ideas for Your Family

Giving is a great way to teach family values. And it’s fun! Here’s a simple idea—take a giving field trip. Pick out a few ministries you’d like to visit and make a day of it. Set up your appointments in advance and try to meet with staff or volunteers who can share the heart of the organization and stories of the people they work with.

Let your kids see a different side of the world. Perhaps your day might include visits to a rescue mission, an after-school education program, and a youth ministry. 

Take some time after your trip to decide with your kids where your family will give and how much. 

Looking to teach your family about generosity? Check out Stories of the Generous Life. You will find 21 powerful stories of people and families who chose to live generously. 

Family Legacy Seminar

Are you interested in building a successful family legacy? We’ve had many people express an interest in how to have a 100-year legacy or more for their family. This is not about estate documents; it’s far more. If you are interested in participating, please email me at

90% of estate planning fails to create a positive legacy! unHeritage addresses 11 issues that stand in the way of creating a lasting legacy. 
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