Our lives in Africa no. 31
Dear friends in Christ,
The phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" was used by Shakespeare first and before then, it was "No one loves the messenger who brings bad news."  According to this wisdom, we should be loved by everyone we encounter, since we are the ones who are called to bring the Good News to the world.  However, often we are hated and rejected.  When we share conventional love through actions like giving and helping, we are often accepted dearly.  But if we share love through the message of becoming a heavenly being through the ways of Jesus Christ, we are often misunderstood and judged.  I find it very interesting that the Good News can be very bad and ugly news to some.  I am pretty sure that much of that is caused by the shortcomings of us who share the Good News.  However, often people want to know God and they dearly want God to change the world around them, but they don't want to change themselves.  Jesus calls us to change and transform into heavenly beings, and the resistance to change becomes a great hinderance for us.  Sometimes it is easier for us to do what we like for many reasons.  Nothing wrong with that, if we don't forget the next step.  Please pray for us so that we can confidently and continuously proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
72 DOWN, 4928 TO GO

It was exactly 6 months ago when Jeanette started to design the t-shirts for the 'I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign'.  On November 1, we were able to start off with 72 shirts for the children in BM Section, Khayelitsha.  It is too common for children to be mistreated and abused in South Africa.  48 out of the 72 children will be raped before they reach 18 according to unofficial statistics.  More will be abused physically and mentally and some will even be killed.  Desipte the dire environemnt they live in, Jesus' love for them is exactly the same as His love for my son Abohna who is in the picture among them.  Pastor Mfundo gave a speech saying "Someone might hate you or even hurt you, but one thing you must remember is that you are precious to Jesus."  We will work to reach 5000 at first.  I pray that our message to the community will be clear.  Thank you for your continous support and those who have been working with me on this campaign.  You are Precious to Jesus.


Our teacher Wendy missed school for two days in a row and called me to see her at her home.  She explained that her husband prohibited her from going to work at the preschool without a reasonable explanation.  She started to share with me how her husband had been physically abusing her.  The abuse was so harsh and violent that the street committee (township negihbourhood governing body) got involved and advised her to leave before she got killed.  She said she couldn't take it anymore and she was afraid for her life.  She called a meeting between the two families to ask for a divorce.  It was an arranged marriage between the families and the husband's family was aware of his history of violence.  Both parties allowed for them to get divorced.  On Thursday, she came to school with bruises and scars on her face.  Her husband came to her mother's house and started beating Wendy while she was sleeping and threatened her.  Now the husband is in jail and we only hope such things are in her past.  We are very thankful that although she was scared, she never lost the smile from her face, the smile of hope.

With love,
Abohna, Helen and Jung
I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign

Prayer items/ update

We are trying to finalize the land for the preschool in Zola.  It has been months since we had any clear communication regarding the land.  Because there are usually an increase in robberies and thefts as we approach the Christmas season, it was better for us to not begin construction until January.  Please pray that we can start construction by January.
Our friends' son had his one year old birthday this month.  They told us that they would like to share God's blessing with the families with infants in the township.  10 familes were blessed through them as we had a wonderful dinner together as families.  Being blessed through your children is a very special thing in any context.
Mondeor Eco School students had prepared small gift boxes for Agape Preschool children in Zola.  I had the pleasure of going around to each of the classrooms collecting the individually prepared gift boxes from students.  I could feel their caring hearts for the township children.
With help from Derick, we were able to apply for an extension for our visa.  Not only that, he was able to speed up the process for our permenant residency application.  We are very thankful that God had provided for our needs.  Derick was truly God sent for us.
Gordon's Bay Baptist Church and a mission team from One Church Perth Australia visited Zola Children's Church and blessed the children with more than just gifts.  They provided I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign shirts for all the children, gift packs, and hotdogs.  Especially, the compassion they showed for the children encouraged us dearly.

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We are largely depending on our supporters to carry out His missions in the townships of South Africa.  Since we truly believe that God is with us in our ministries, we humbly ask you to help us in furthering His Kingdom.

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