Our lives in Africa no. 30
Dear families in Christ,
I don't think becoming like Jesus means merely living our lives with a graceful expression on our faces.  It is quite humorous to think of it that way.  We would be photogenic (not 'giving thanks') in all circumstances.  Anyways, I believe it is to do with knowing His heart.  What makes Him happy or what breaks His heart should touch our hearts in the same way.  Usually we transcend our feelings to His.  If something breaks our hearts, we believe Jesus would feel the same way.  'He must be happy, because I am happy' type of mentality.  May be He is, but the reason for His happiness might be completely different from ours.  Jesus wept when Lazarus died.  The reasons why He wept might go deeper than our reasoning.  However, I do know that the reasons for His happiness and sadness do not go too far from the very salvation of mine, yours and... theirs.   

When our teacher Wendy got married to Siya last June, she left her kids (Tony 11 and Lisa 5) with her mother.  Last week, she came to me and asked to lend her R200 ($30).  It was for her mother to buy food for her children.  Since Siya didn't like her children, she couldn't ask him to pay for it.  I gladly did.  On her way back home, two men with knives stopped her.  She told them she didn't have any money.  They searched her bag and found the money hidden in the Bible, which made them very angry and violent.  They beat her and cut off a piece of her left ear as punishment.  When she came to school next morning, her left ear's lobule was cut off.  The blood was dried, but I could see that the cut was still raw.  I took her to a clinic and then sent her home.  The robbers usually tell the people in the township how much they want if you run into them.  It is R150 now and if you don't have it, they will beat you or even kill you.  I asked her why she didn't just give up the money, and she said, "It's not easy Mr. Jung. It's not easy."  We tried to encourage her, but it was not easy.  The next day she came back smiling again.  I asked her what had encouraged her.  She said "Jesus' heart is broken for the robbers as well.  When I thought about it, it gave me hope."


Zola Youth Group was invited to join with Khayelitsha youth groups for a retreat.  When I went to drive them to Strandfontein to spend a weekend at a retreat centre, I noticed something interesting.  Lolo was next to me when he tried to wear a leather strap watch.  I realized it was my watch that I bought when I was in college.  It was quite an unique watch and was probably made before Lolo was even born, so it wasn't hard to recognize it.  Youth group kids and older Children's church kids often visit our house for no apparent reason.  Sometimes they just want to wash off the sand from the beach and sometimes they demand food or cold drinks.  Since Lolo was one of the more frequent visitors, he usually roams around freely around the house.  I just said to him, "Hey I have a watch exactly like that.  I had it for more than 15 years.  Does yours work?"  He shook his head and didn't say anything.  I came home and checked for my watch.  It was gone.  Now here comes the dilemma.  What do we do?  Helen, Wendy, Pinky and I had a discussion and deicided to get him a cheap watch that works.  We decided to say one thing to him, "Lolo, if you want or need something, you just need to tell me."  

With love,
Abohna, Helen and Jung
I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign

Prayer items/ update

Please pray for the safety of the local coordinators and missionaries.  Before the Christmas break, we experience high crime rate.  Wendy was robbed last week and missionary Jiyoung was robbed the week prior.

We will be launching 'I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign' officially in new future.  Please pray that we can bring awareness.

We will be applying for an extension of our temporary visa due to lack of progress in our permanent residency application.  It requires additional fees that we had never anticipated and we didn't have ways to pay for them.  Thankfully God has provided for us through our long time friend.  Thank you friend.

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We are largely depending on our supporters to carry out His missions in the townships of South Africa.  Since we truly believe that God is with us in our ministries, we humbly ask you to help us in furthering His Kingdom.

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