Our lives in Africa no. 29
Dear families in Christ,
"That's not me (who I am)."  As we grow in Christ, we often build up identities in Christ, defined by our boundaries, tendencies and preferences.  We safeguard these identities because we are comfortable with them and would sometimes be uncomfortable if we were exposed to differences.  For example, some Christians drink while others do not, and some have tattoos while others do not.  When we are forced to conform to things that we are not comfortable or familiar with, we feel that they threaten our identities in Christ.  I often think that upholding what I personally believe is right and then convincing others of that would lead them to Jesus.   However, Paul said he became all things for all people, so he that might save some.  He bent many of the ways he was comfortable and familiar with for the chance that some may come to Christ.  He even became like one under the law to win those under the law.  So what did Paul use to save them if it wasn't the message of being free from the yoke of slavery?  The other day, one guy came to me in Zola and asked me for sponsorship.  He wanted me to sponsor a pool table for his new bar.  Obviously I declined, but it got me thinking.  Then, I realized that Paul didn't try to win people over by telling such men to not drink or to close the bar, he was trying to win them over with love by being with them.

Papama came late to the Zola Youth gathering and she looked a bit distracted.  On Tuesday of that week, she and her sister hitchhiked to go to Cape Town.  There were two men in the car and they tried to rape them, she said.  Her sister jumped out of the moving car leaving Papama alone.  Then she called the police with the license plate number and thankfully Papama was also able to escape from the horrible incident unharmed.  I was relieved and happy that she came out safe.  On my way home, I realized that there was nothing I should be happy about.  I was unhappy about the fact that Papama lost her mother to AIDS last February.  I was unhappy about the fact that she and her sister didn't have enough money and had to hitch a ride to Cape Town.  I was unhappy about the fact that she was in a terrifying situation in the car alone.  I was unhappy that such predators exist in the world.  I was unhappy that I wasn't there for her and only learned about it days after.  When my thoughts were settled and calm, I prayed that I would stay awake, so that when God requires me to be there for Papama, I would be there for her.


pinkyWe have finished the third term with much success. Helen had a wonderful day meeting all the parents at the student-led conference.  Children had chances to show off their skills to their parents.  It was a 'wow' and 'woo' filled day at Liyabona Montessori preschool.  Each term finishes with lots of stories about children and this one was no exception.  Especially, we have experienced amazing growth in our student-teacher, Pinky.  She had contributed to children's growth in a way we never imagined.  It was such blessing in itself.  We were thanking one of the parents for being a true blessing in our lives.  The family had been helping us in many ways and treating us as friends.  It was the mother's response that deeply touched us.  She said, "You are a blessing to us.  Other preschools love the children, but you guys love them with Jesus' love and that makes you guys very special."  Such encouragement is owed to all of you who pray and support our ministry and our Lord Jesus.  

With love,
Abohna, Helen and Jung
I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign

Prayer items/ update

Gordon's Bay Baptist Church (Pastor Denzyl) decided to give 'I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign' t-shirts to 120 children in Zola Children's Church.  They will come with One Church mission team from Australia to hand them out on November 11th.  It is our very first church sponsorship.  It will be a wonderful Christmas gift for the children.  We are very excited and thankful.

Our Zola Youth group will be joining the Khayelitsha youth group for a retreat on October 14th.  I pray that God would use this opportunity to build up our youth and our relationship with the Khayelitsha ministry.
We will be applying for an extension of our temporary visa due to lack of progress in our permanent residency application.  It requires additional fees that we had never anticipated and we didn't have ways to pay for them.  Thankfully God has provided for us through our long time friend.  Thank you friend.

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We are largely depending on our supporters to carry out His missions in the townships of South Africa.  Since we truly believe that God is with us in our ministries, we humbly ask you to help us in furthering His Kingdom.

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