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Dear <<First Name>>,
Before Jesus was arrested, He talked to his disciples and the last thing he said to them was "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart, I have overcome the world".  This can be interpreted in many ways, I believe.  He could have meant that my miserable loss will be overturned, my understanding of losing is still worldly or my current loss is necessary for Jesus to be victorious.  Also it begs the question of the cause of the trouble, "Was it my mistake or greed that caused the trouble or did I do my best to follow Him (genuine persecution)?"  In any case, when He says "Take heart", I get encouraged and it brings me peace.  Not because I am a good and pleasing disciple, but because I belong to Him and I love Him.  Everyone, let's take heart.

Building trust and deeper relationships with children isn't hard, but it is very hard at the same time, because it is hard to be consistent.   When I am focused and energetic, I can smile to them, talk to them using my gentle voice and pay dear attention to their needs.  We do amazing things when we are in tip top shape.  However, when we are not in tip top shape, we show our other side that makes children confused.  However, every child deserves someone to depend on, to trust, and to feel secure.  Someone has to give them proper guidance and to give them hopes and dreams.  It is what all children deserve, because it is who Jesus is to me as He gave me a right to become a child of God.  When they are ready, we can help them to give that trust to Jesus.  We started to train Khaylitsha preschool teachers from LOVEa ministry to demonstrate what such a relationship with a teacher can do to a child.  We are starting with the basics, greeting children with a smile.  Not when the teachers want to smile, but when children need the teachers' smile, gentle voice and respect... always.


As Helen teaches the LOVEa preschool teachers in Khayelitsha through monthly workshops, we decide to visit some of the preschools throughout the month to monitor the progress and assist implementation.  Yesterday, we visited two of the 25 preschools that African Leadership work with, Ncedulunthu Educare and Crystal Educare.  It was very challenging for us, because we decided to take one of our teachers to demonstrate.  We never had a chance to practice or implement our Montessori training directly to township children.  We were waiting for our Zola Montessori Preschool to be built to do that.  Miss Pinky, Missionary Jeamin (who is in charge of LOVEa) and I went to those two schools.  We focused on demonstrating what builds relationships between children and teachers.  Not by fitting them into our world, but by going into the children's world as Jesus came down to our world.  As I observed Ms. Pinky working with the township children, I was reminded that saying "God equips the called."  I could see that God has equipped Ms. Pinky and me as well.  I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support for our ministry.    

With love,
Abohna, Helen and Jung
I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign

Prayer items/ update

The funding proposal to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan for I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign was rejected due to security reason.  It decided that Khayelitsha was too dangerous for them to be liable for.  Garden of Hope and we are seeking alternate funding opportunities. 

Zola Preschool building is progressing slowly.  They cleared the land, but still some of the buildings are protruding the property line.  We don't want to start with our neighbors on a wrong foot.  Please pray that we can resolve the issues in a Christ-like manner.

Pastor Ohm is taking a sabbatical.  Pastor Ohm and his wife are traveling to Turkey.  Please pray for their safety.

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We are largely depending on our supporters to carry out His missions in the townships of South Africa.  Since we truly believe that God is with us in our ministries, we humbly ask you to help us in furthering His Kingdom.

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