Our lives in Africa no. 28
Dear families in Christ,
I grew up to believe having more choices is a form of self-empowerment.  A higher education and wider social connection can give you broader perspectives in life and unimaginable possibilities and hopes that are otherwise seemingly impossible.  As a Christian, I realize that once we make the choice to become a disciple, our spectrum of choices in life narrows down significantly... down to just one, doing God's will.  The possibilities and hopes that we entertained as a secular person is gone, including the ones we had when we were younger in our faith as they slowly got replaced by our sincere effort to seek His will.  It is only logical for such a person to feel trapped without having any choices in life, but our overflowing joy never stopped welling up.  Because our joy is in Jesus, rather than in our own lives, our possibililties and hopes are limitless and lies with the people who belong to His Kingdom.

I came across an  article on  The title was '7 things that you need to know about school.'  The number one was, "In preschool, the connection between child and teacher is more important than any curriculum."  I can support that with all my heart, and I believe our job is to help create loving relationships between children and teachers.  When we had a meeting with Inga to prepare for the preschool teacher seminar in Khayelitsha, we realized God was leading in the right direction.  Inga is a family counselor who helps family members to understand one another using emotional intelligence.  It was a packed day with more than 30 teachers in attendance.  With all the props and perfect examples, she started to grab the teachers attention.  She was teaching them how to read children's emotions and help them develop rather than simply suppressing them.  There won't be a better way to build a loving relationship than understanding children's emotions and embracing their sadness, anger, frustration or confusion.  Throughout the envisioning seminar, I kept thinking, 'If you win, I win.  Please become great teachers."


It was a very special trip.  It was planned and organized solely by Tana for the Zola Youth group.  I didn't even know where the museum was until the day we went.  One minivan, one bekkie (pickup truck) and a hatch back loaded up Tana's family, Michaela's family and mine along with 9 youth kids and two teachers (Wendy and Pinky) and went to Iziko SA Museum in Cape Town.  Surprisingly many kids didn't recognize Table Mountain up close, which you can see behind the museum in the picture.  The museum had three sections, Natural History, Social History and Planetarium.  They were perfect exhibits to broaden the perspectives in the Zola youth.  From dinosaurs to South Africa's pre colonial culture and then to the grandeur of the universe, it was a perfect mix of mind boggling information for them... or so I thought.  It was interesting for them, but still they had much more fun being at Green Point beach afterwards.  I guess it is similar to us getting much more excited about witnessing God right now than how He parted the Red Sea.  I pray that they would experience the living God.

With love,
Abohna, Helen and Jung
I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign

Prayer items/ update

In a week or so, we will be making a decision on the land in Zola to build a preschool.  We are still waiting to hear from ASLA Corp. and we pray that God will guide us in our decision making process.

We will be applying for an extension of our temporary visa due to lack of progress in our permanent residency application.  It requires additional fees that we had never anticipated and we didn't have ways to pay for them.  Thankfully God has provided for us through our long time friend.  Thank you friend.

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We are largely depending on our supporters to carry out His missions in the townships of South Africa.  Since we truly believe that God is with us in our ministries, we humbly ask you to help us in furthering His Kingdom.

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