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Dear <<First Name>>,
It is quite surprising how we can be so easily caught up with achieving or building something for the Kingdom of God.  Perhaps, It's a natural process of us being matured and given more responsibilities by Him, but would it be okay if we put all of our efforts in achieving or building something?  What would we have to keep in mind to keep ourselves from being carried away?  On Sunday, my family had a time of worship together with this question in our hearts.  God gave us an answer through Luke chapter 18.  He planted this in our hearts, "I want you to put your effort in multiplying and I will build through it."  He just wants us to be someone who stays faithful in His love and compassion just as the widow had done.  He wants us to judge ourselves by His righteousness and not by human's or our own standards as the tax collector had done.  He wants us to come to Jesus without any hesitation or conditions and be happy to be with Him as children and be willing to give up who we are for Him just as the rich man should have done.  As we help and encourage each other to be this way, God said He will build the Kingdom of God to glorify Himself.  I believe that this is the only way we can truly glorify Him through what He has built through us.  

This boy who is copying down chapter one of the book of John is Lolo.  He has been in our Zola youth group for two years.  He even memorized some of the verses.  However, according to the study published by South African institute of Race Relation, youth participating in youth groups, worship services, sports, and/or choirs were more likely to commit crime than those that did not. The report prepared by Elliot points out the importance of relational ministry.  It is always our dilemma, is it about the numbers or quality of the ministry?  Even if Lolo copies down the entire Bible or even memorize it all, if we don't build a personal and meaningful relationship with him, we might not be quenching his thirst.  So from this year onward, we decided to get into our Zola youth kids' lives even deeper.  Papama is in private school to pursue her dream of becoming a medical doctor, Anathi is learning music and piano  from Helen to pursue his dream of becoming a musician (rapper), Sinoyolo is studying math and accounting using Khan Academy materials that was sponsored by World Possible and Lolo is copying down the book of John until he figures out what he wants to do.  We are not just trying to help them with their dreams, but through figuring out and pursuing their dreams together, we want them to know that we love and care enough to pay attention to every single detail in their lives, because Jesus does.


When we call someone 'a friend' in a mission field, it means someone who shares the same conviction rather than a personal relationship.  Mthandazo is one of them for me.  He was in a shack fire when he was young and he was the sole survivor.  It left him with deep scars all over his body including his face.  Mthandazo finished his first year of law school and has worked as an intern at the Department of Social Development.  Undoubtedly, he assisted us to get in touch with the department with the 'I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign' and initiated the Drama Competition in Mhakaya last May.  He gave me deep insights on the cultural background in terms of the cause of the high rate of rape and child abuse in South Africa, and encouraged me every step of the way to take the campaign further.  He truly believes in the campaign and through his past experiences he has an accurate understanding of the current situation which has been an asset to the campaign.  Last week, he came to me and said that he is taking a break from work and school for one year and wants to work with African Leadership for the Campaign.  It was like receiving a gift from God.  He is depending on God for his finances.  It is tough for me to help him, because the campaign fund doesn't get used for any salaries or compensation.  Please pray for us so we can continue to work together in helping people to have faith in the Lord.   

With love,
Abohna, Helen and Jung
I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign

Prayer items/ update

Our teacher Ms. Pinky has been sick and was not able to come back to Cape Town yet.  Please prayer for her speedy recovery.  

Ms. Pinky's absence gave Ms. Wendy a great chance to be in charge of her own class.  She is handling 5 children on her own including three new children.  She has matured into a content and loving teacher.  We praise God for his work in her life.

Our preschool land in Zola is now being cleared for construction.  We are very excited and we plan to put up the fence next week.

Emma (from Garden of Hope) came back from Taiwan with great plans for the I'm Precious to Jesus Campaign.  We are very excited and encouraged.  Please pray that everyone involved can continue to work together with one heart.  

Zola Children's Church and Youth group has begun for this year.  I am amazed how fast children grow.  It is truly a privilege to be a part of their lives.

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We are largely depending on our supporters to carry out His missions in the townships of South Africa.  Since we truly believe that God is with us in our ministries, we humbly ask you to help us in furthering His Kingdom.

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