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 Its About Results

Recently, CSC’s Exec. Team attended a speaking engagement featuring Marcus Buckingham.  Marcus is a leading business author and speaker.  Buckingham challenges conventional wisdom and shows the link between engaged employees and productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, and the rate of turnover.  Marcus’ latest book, The Truth About You, teaches us how we can maximize our potential by understanding our unique strengths and weaknesses.  Here’s a bit more from Marcus Buckingham:

"Our company's greatest asset is our people!"  It's a nice motto, but it's meaningless without introspection and application. And the truth is, people aren't your greatest asset, unless they're in position to leverage their greatest strengths - those things they do well consistently and energetically.

Years of research prove that individuals and teams playing to their strengths significantly outperform those who don't in almost every business metric. In fact, the single best predictor of a consistently high-performing team is the answer to this question: "At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best everyday?" Teams with individuals who do massively outperform teams with people who don't- they're more profitable, more productive, less likely to quit, less likely to have accidents on the job…the list goes on.

That's compelling, but this is confounding: Our research reveals that only 12% of people in the workplace play to their strengths "most of the time." In general, society is fascinated by weaknesses (most employee reviews bear this out), and we take strengths for granted.

At a time when organizations are trying to do more with fewer people, it's critical to engage each person's strengths, and do it at scale across the organization. The strengths movement isn't about making people happier; it's about making organizations more productive. It's about yield. The best companies are made up of great teams. And those teams have individuals who know their strengths, take them seriously and offer them up to the organization.                 

For more information on Marcus Buckingham, visit his website at


ThinkCSC upgrades offer clients additional security and features.

As a CSC client utilizing our hosted Exchange email service, you may have seen our latest upgrades by now.  When you access your ThinkCSC email through Outlook Web Access (OWA), you have you seen our improved feature set.  These improvements include the ability to view multiple calendars, an enhanced new mail notification pop-up that provides advanced mail handling options without returning to the mail screen, as well as many other features that were previously only available with the Internet Explorer browser, such as printing emails, appointments, meeting items, contacts and calendars, personal dictionaries and much more.  Also, there are additional security features with ThinkCSC OWA access.  If you use a public PC to access your ThinkCSC hosted email, it’s always important to log-out of your email and close the browser.  In the event that you would forget to log-off the public PC, there’s always the chance that someone may try to access data by clicking on the browser’s “back” button or using the browser’s “history” feature to gain access.  With ThinkCSC’s latest OWA features, you’re still protected, even should you forget to log-off. 

ThinkCSC OWA now consists of seven award-winning security and productivity applications -- Plus Pack, AttachView, CalendarShare, OWA Print, NavGuard, TimeGuard and ActiveSend. With Plus Pack, CalendarShare, OWA Print and ActiveSend, the user experience is improved by making Outlook Web Access more like desktop Outlook. AttachView, NavGuard, and TimeGuard secure vulnerabilities in ThinkCSC OWA that can expose entire email accounts or confidential documents to unauthorized users.

For More information please contact Todd Lydic (CSC Public Sector Account Executive) or Brian Dwyer (CSC Business Account Executive)


 IT Savings With CSC
Don’t think that your organization can have a stable and secure IT infrastructure on an affordable budget? You can, with CSC.

In times of a struggling economy, it is important to cut costs whenever possible.  CSC understands your position, and is here to help.  Your organization relies heavily on technology to run day to day operations.  So, it is imperative that your IT network and equipment run properly and securely.  Full time IT support staff can be an expensive proposition, especially if you only need IT support from time to time.  CSC offers CSCare which is Proactive Fortune 100 IT Support on a budget. 

Considering the lease or purchase of new software, computers and printers?  Let CSC save you time and money by finding the IT products you need and are within your budget.  Taking the time to understand your IT needs and budget is the foundation of our sales process and best of all, it’s FREE!

Your organization can also take advantage of our special savings through our partners such as Microsoft, HP, and Apple, as well as frequent promotions that add extra savings for you.

For More information please contact Todd Lydic (CSC Public Sector Account Executive) or Brian Dwyer (CSC Business Account Executive)


Featured Product
Network Protection: Sonicwall TZ 210

The TZ 210 is the ultimate network security solution for businesses and organizations.  In addition to allowing secured remote connections, the TZ 210 protects your data and network without sacrificing performance.  The TZ 210 services include: firewall, gateway anti-virus, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention-all in one affordable appliance.

The new TZ 210 is the only network security device in its price range, to include gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 802.11n wireless support. In addition, the TZ 210 has a faster processor and twice the onboard memory (both RAM and Flash) than other network security devices in it’s price range.  This superior performance allows for dramatically faster throughput speeds despite the tremendous processing power required for deep packet inspection.

An organization will benefit by using the TZ 210 as the primary network gateway, connecting users on the LAN and WLAN to the Internet. In addition, the built-in VPN capability allows employees to use Global VPN Clients to login and work remotely, and multiple home offices can be joined to the corporate network using site-to-site VPN. The deep packet inspection architecture provides complete protection from today’s content based threats. In addition, the TZ 210 can be used to connect users in smaller networks such as insurance agents, law offices, or sales offices to a corporate VPN. When connecting to the main office, VPN encryption and integrated security such as firewall and intrusion prevention protect the network at every perimeter. CSC can centrally manage the remote site to troubleshoot any network issues quickly. Integrated secure WLAN connectivity simplifies the number of devices that need to be managed at the remote site. In the future, the 3G USB port can be used as a disaster recovery option for the wired broadband connection.

For More information please contact Todd Lydic (CSC Public Sector Account Executive) or Brian Dwyer (CSC Business Account Executive)

CSClient Profile
Sound Communications

Established in 1983, Sound Communications is the leading supplier of digital recording solutions for voice, video and data in the Midwestern United States. We have continued to increase our product lines including Agent Evaluation, Workforce Management, Speech Analytics and Customer Survey to provide the products that meet today's changing market needs. Our people, led by president Garry Stephenson, remain committed to providing customer service at the highest possible level. That's why we're proud to be one of only six Verint Partners worldwide to earn the distinguished Platinum Dealer Award... a distinction we've held since 1999.

"As a sales and support organization providing mission critical applications to public safety and Contact Centers we recognize the need to make sure that our data was properly protected and that we could continue to provide the same level of support at anytime.  CSC provided us with a secure and reliable disaster recovery option for important data as well as the ability to use a hosted Exchange platform that is accessible at anytime and from anywhere.  Although we are a company made up IT professionals it allows us to concentrate those resources on our most important assets…our customers." -Darin Cooper, Director/CTO Sound Communicaions

For more information about Sound Communications, contact Darin Cooper at (800) 556-8556, email, or visit their website at

CSC is Growing

CSC is looking for qualified engineers to join our CSC Networks Services Group.  For more information please click here.

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