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Execute Without Drama

10 Emails You Should Never Send

Warranty Savings with CSCare

CSC Client Profile - West Jefferson School District

CSC Employee Spotlight- Julianne Wallace

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 Execute Without Drama

CSC’s Exec. Team recently attended a speaking engagement featuring Patrick Thean, an award winning serial entrepreneur and author. Thean has started and exited multiple startups including MindBlazer and Metasys. Some of his other achievements are receiving the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for North Carolina in 1996 and accomplishing the ranking of 151 on the Inc 500 in 1997.

Thean’s book, Execute Without Drama, helps companies to increase speed and efficiency while decreasing drama through Thean’s execution framework. Although it is a short read, it’s filled with valuable lessons explaining why ‘what gets measured, gets done’.

Execute Without Drama will help you learn to:

*Identify the RIGHT THINGS to measure
*Figure out the SUCCESS CRITERIA
*COMMUNICATE effectively with your team

For more information about Patrick, go to:


For more information contact Brian Dwyer (CSC Business Sector Account Executive) or Todd Lydic (CSC Public Sector Account Executive)


 10 Emails You Should Never Send

We often treat email communication in the same casual manner as we do informal telephone conversations, and it’s all too easy to forget that there’s a flawless digital record of what’s been communicated.

Unlike verbal conversations, emails can be forwarded to the wrong people. Likewise, if a message is written in a hurry, it can end up sloppy or leave itself open to misinterpretation and, as a result, it can have nasty repercussions. It’s always better to think before you send.

Convenient email enabled devices such as Treos and Blackberries also allow you to send emails from anywhere these days too, but it’s important to train yourself to send in “work mode”. Next time you reach for your iPhone, remember that you’re representing yourself and your company, no matter where you are.

10 email mistakes that could cost embarassment or worse:

1. Emails sent after happy hour
Company happy hour after work?  It’s probably best to save the iPAQ responses for the next day and not to respond to emails from home after a night out.
2. Sarcasm and dry humor
Email is not a good medium to convey the intricacies of sarcasm, and often it can be taken out of context – with disastrous repercussions.
3. Private matters

Always better to separate business and pleasure – and using company resources for personal matters is generally a bad idea.
4. Professional criticisms
If it’s a small thing, say it over the phone; otherwise it looks too official and can cause unnecessary worry. If it’s really bad, discuss it in person.
5. Personal remarks and gossip
It’s very easy to treat email like water cooler conversation, but these emails can have a tendency to get ‘Forwarded’.
6. Angry responses
It’s easy to fire off an angry response without thinking, but not always easy to retract it. Best to put a delay on your email if possible, or wait a day before you respond if you’re really that upset.
7. Bad language
Most people just don’t do it, but for the few who do – it’s a terrible idea; swearing has no place in work emails.
8. Company or industry secrets
This one may well get you sued as well as sacked.  Most companies have a confidentiality agreement you sign at the beginning of your employment that would be violated in this case.
9. Racist/sexist language
It’s best to avoid this in your everyday speech, as well as your work emails.  Like the above, most people sign a zero-tolerance agreement which would be violated and such violations are grounds for termination.
10. Sloppy writing

Even if it’s sent from your iPAQ while you’re at the beach, remember that your image is on the line.

Last but not least, if you work in government or other offices of interest to the general public, be extra cautious.

For more information contact Brian Dwyer (CSC Business Sector Account Executive) or Todd Lydic (CSC Public Sector Account Executive)

Hardware Warranty Savings with CSCare

Save up to 20% on your warranty with CSCare

Times are tough, and here at CSC we want to help you in every way we can. One way we want to help you is with your warranties; warranties are a necessary that can be aggravating and money consuming.  Allow us to handle yours with our CSCare hardware warranty program. Not only will our program shrink your total cost of ownership, but it will also get you back up and running fast after a hardware breakdown. We ask you to compare a typical OWM Warranty policy with our CSCare program. You will see the difference.     

For More information please contact Todd Lydic (CSC Public Sector Account Executive) or Brian Dwyer (CSC Business Account Executive)


 Client Profile - West Jefferson School District

West Jefferson, located in West Central Ohio in the village of West Jefferson, is home of the Rough Riders, and educates grades k-12. They pride themselves on their strong academics and co-curricular programs, including band, choir, drama, and athletics, to give their students the total educational experience. A large percent of WJHS student population participates in the co-curricular program, which offers opportunities in 14 varsity inter-scholastic sports; several clubs and performance groups in band and choir. Two publications are produced: the Riders Times newspaper and the Yearbook. The high school has been located at Roughrider Drive since 1970 with a graduating class of 78 students. Their high school enrollment has increase significantly since 1970 to about 400 students annually. West Jefferson continues to offer an enriched, well-rounded education to all their students.

CSC has been helping West Jefferson since 2006. Using CSC for those times when a specialist is needed has helped keep their costs down.  CSC also been able to use their expertise for special projects or when there is a short time frame to complete the project and budget constraints.  “I would highly recommend CSC.  They are professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable,” said West Jefferson’s Technology Coordinator Curt Dennis.

West Jefferson School District

  CSC Employee Spotlight - Julianne Wallace

Julianne  is the newest member of the CSC. She is the marketing/sales intern. Prior to working at CSC, she was a marketing intern for Schmidt Hospitality Concepts at the Darby House in Galloway. She is a junior at Otterbein College, majoring in business with a minor in public relations.

Julianne enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is involved with Otterbein’s equestrian team, Order of Omega, and Theta Nu Sorority. Her favorite quote is from Aristotle, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

“I have really enjoyed my first couple of weeks at CSC. Everyone has been very welcoming and I am learning a lot. I am looking forward the next couple of weeks here.”

Julianne Wallace
Marketing/Sales Intern

CSC is Growing

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