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Mission to Save Lives
  1. Donor Recruitment-at-a-Glance
  2. Cancer Survivor Steps Up to Give
  3. Be a Hometown Hero!
  4. UNL Spring Blood Drive
  5. Leyna’s Story on Channel 8
  6. Mark Your Calendar: Broadcasters Unite for Life Blood Drive
  7. Upcoming Promotions
Values in Action
  1. Luckiest Woman Alive
  2. Born & Raced in Nebraska (BRIN)
  3. Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
  4. Lincoln Stars Blood Drive
  5. Snap and Send
In the Spotlight
  1. Coordinator Spotlight
  2. Celebrate Laboratory Professionals
  3. Social Media Buzz Room

Donor Recruitment-at-a-Glance

Ready. Set. Recruit life-savers. Whether in the field or in the office, Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s  (NCBB) Donor Recruitment (DR) Department is always recruiting new blood drive sponsors, maintaining relationships with current sponsors, recruiting people to give blood at drives, and encouraging donors to give the right type for their type.
NCBB’s Donor Recruiters, Jami Kassebaum and Kari Lundeen, work closely with blood drive coordinators at local businesses, organizations, places of worship, and high schools to help organize, promote, and recruit blood donors for upcoming blood drives.
Through exceptional customer service, DR helps coordinate hundreds of blood drives each year that help connect volunteers who donate with the thousands of people in need of their life-saving gift.
Donor Recruiters
Jami Kassebaum, Lincoln West Territory (left)
Kari Lundeen, Lincoln East Territory (right)
Innovative Blood Resources' (IBR) Board member Laura Redoutey donates her first pint of blood since being declared “cancer-free”.

Cancer Survivor Steps up to Give

Almost three years ago, Laura Redoutey was diagnosed with lung cancer and deferred from donating blood. A loyal blood donor, member of Innovative Blood Resources' (IBR) Board of Directors, and President of the Nebraska Hospital Association, Laura knew she would one day return to donating blood. “I’ve been donating since I was 18,” she said. “My folks always donated, so it was something I just did.”
After being declared cancer-free, Laura obtained a doctor’s note allowing her to start donating blood again. And on February 11, 2015, she stepped up to make her first donation with NCBB since her cancer diagnosis. “I never had a transfusion during my cancer treatment, but I know how important it is to have blood available because you never know when you, yourself, may need it. I want to help ensure the blood supply is there… plus, the donor centers have good treats.”
Laura is now in the Three Gallon Club, a goal she’s been striving to hit.

Be a Hometown Hero!

NCBB is giving back to communities in the greater Lincoln area who join in our mission to help save lives. We’re looking for blood drive sponsors to join our Hometown Heroes blood drive campaign. The summer program awards communities that pull together for the cause of blood donation with monetary funds for a community or organizational project.
Last year, 11 communities in the greater Lincoln area were awarded more than $4,000. More information about the program and guidelines for participation can be found on NCBB.ORG/Heroes.

UNL Spring Blood Drive

Jacy Spencer and Zvonimir Pusnik stepped up to donate blood at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Spring Blood Drive. The three-day event in April collected 154 life-saving units.
Leyna, Nebraska Community Blood Bank

Leyna’s Story on Channel 8

Leyna is only 3-years-old, but she’s old enough to know blood donors helped save her life. After being diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer at just 18 months, little Leyna Ahlschwede spent months in the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments and blood transfusions.
"Without blood products, none of those people (doctors and nurses) would have been able to effectively do the job that cured our daughter's cancer," Leyna’s dad, Mitch, said during a Channel 8 interview in April.

Today Leyna is cancer-free. Click the Channel 8 video above to watch her special message to blood donors.

Mark your Calendar

The upcoming annual Broadcasters Unite for Life Blood Drive, hosted by Lincoln-based Channel 10/11 and KFRX, is on the schedule: July 1, 2015, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the 10/11 news studios.
Schedule your blood donation today using sponsor code TELE.
*All prizes hold no cash value and are nontransferable. Visit our website for more details, or call 1-877-486-9414,

Luckiest Woman Alive

“I like to tell people I’m the luckiest woman alive! Because of blood donors I’m still a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a blood drive coordinator, and now a blood donor.” —Katie Thunshelle

Scroll over Katie’s picture to read her story.

Born & Raced in Nebraska (BRIN)

NCBB is the 2015 Charity Partner for Born & Raced in Nebraska Running Series. Nine volunteers stepped up to participate in Kicks ‘n Kisses 5K—the first race of the season in February.
If you're interested in volunteering with NCBB at a BRIN race, please contact Rachel Barth at 402-486-9412.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Volunteers Jack Ingham and Gary Herr—a.k.a. “Frick & Frack”—attended NCBB’s Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in April. Best friends for 58 years, they have volunteered as a team with NCBB for more than 10 years. This year Jack will retire from his volunteer role when he and his wife move to Missouri. We wish you the best, Jack!
Pictured above with Jack and Gary is NCBB Community Outreach Representative Rachel Barth.

Lincoln Stars Blood Drive

The Lincoln Stars hosted their annual blood drive with NCBB in March at the Ice Box. As a special treat to blood donors, eight Stars hockey players showed up to support the cause and some stepped up to donate!

Above: Lincoln Stars season ticket holder and loyal blood donor Devan Waldo poses for a picture with eight of the Stars' hockey players; Right: Dylan Woolf, a Defenseman for the Lincoln Stars, steps up to donate blood

Snap and Send

Want your blood drive to be featured in the next edition of Circulation? We’re always looking for stories to share! Simply snap a picture and send it along with some facts to Marketing. Your picture might be featured in the next edition of Circulation!

Celebrate Laboratory Professionals

In April, NCBB celebrated Laboratory Professionals Week by recognizing our laboratory staff for the life-saving work they do each and every day. Below: Staff ditched their lab coats to reveal their true Super Hero powers during Super Hero Day the week of April 19.

Coordinator Spotlight

Fred Schluckebier began coordinating blood drives in 2002, after he heard an NCBB representative talk about the need for blood. Today he coordinates four blood drives a year between Tamora Fire Department and Goehner Fire Department.
Q&A with Fred

Q.  How long have you coordinated blood drives with NCBB?
A.  I started coordinating blood drives at the Civic Center as a Kiwanis project. I needed more donors, so I asked the Cattle National Bank in Seward for help and Nancy provided eight donors. Next thing I know, she started her own blood drives that still operate today.
Q.  Do you know someone who’s received blood?
A.  A friend of mine needed 16 units of blood during his hip surgery. I told him shortly afterward that we collected 20 units of blood at our drive in Goehner to make up for the units he used.

Q.  What is your best tip for coordinating a successful blood drive?
A.  In the farming community, you plan it for a rainy day!

Q.  Do you have any tips for recruiting double reds?
A.  Be nosy. Find out what blood type the donors are and talk to each of them about the importance of donating two units every six months vs. one unit every 12 weeks. My daughter, Kimberly, is a lab tech at Lincoln Internal Medicine Associations (a.k.a., the best Dr.’s office in Lincoln). She always says that people who are really sick usually need more than one unit, and that getting two units from the same donor cuts down on the risk of a reaction.

Q.  What’s your favorite part about partnering with NCBB?
A.  Lunch with Jami at the Café on the Square! Paying it forward is something I believe in, and donating blood is a way to do this!
Q.  Do you have any hobbies?
A.  I like taking pictures!
Q.  What’s your favorite place to go in town?
A.  I like visiting my daughters and grandchildren with my wife, Shelley.

Social Media Buzz Room

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening on our social media pages. Click on any image to see the live post!
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