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World Renowned Vedic Astrologer - Dr. Theja

He will be in South East USA from May 17th - 30th, 2011

Atlanta (GA), Birmingham (AL) and Fort Walton Beach (FL)

Internationally known Vedic Astrologer, Dr. Theja will be touring USA  in May 2011. Birmingham Yoga is happy to introduce him to South East, USA. He has offered amazing readings to over 7000 clients internationally. He is based in Australia but well known as a visiting astrologer in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Bali, India and Malaysia.
Dr. Theja is internationally known for his accurate readings, clear explanations and the happiness, clarity and guidance he offers to his clients. A session with Dr.Theja will help you to understand and to utilise the wonderful gifts and strengths given to you by the universe.  A consultation will also enable you to learn your purpose in life and when changes will occur. Clarity and happiness will arise enormously as you gain insight into issues related to business, career, finances, relationships, family, health and your spirituality. Readings will be one-on-one, with an audio CD of the reading.
Dr Theja is a scientist, educated in Germany who has an international reputation of 35 years in Astrology.  He has appeared on television and has given many interviews and lectures on Vedic Astrology. In 2003 he received the prestigious ‘Rudra Bhatta’ award at the Asian Astrologer’s Conference in India.
He is the founder of the Australian Academy of Vedic Astrology. Presently he is a registered lecturer on Vedic Astrology at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Perth.
Vedic Astrology is one of the most accurate and predictive sciences that has been practised and refined over thousands of years. The set of planets and associated Zodiac signs can inform individuals accurately about their future.  It is interesting to know from the planetary positions in the chart, how the specific time periods that we are going to face influences the ups and downs in our lives especially in issues related to business, career, finances, relationships, family, health and spirituality.
During this tour, Dr. Theja  will be offering consultations at a special promotion price of $180 (normally $230)
Dr. Theja will also be conducting several workshops, seminars and free talks relating to astrology.

Reservations necessary. Contact Terri Sellers
Birmingham Yoga, 901 Masters Lane, Birmingham, AL 35244
Dr Theja   PhD  ACVA  ICAS  IIPA
Consultant Astrologer - Lecturer in Vedic Astrology

Life Member of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS)
Member of the Australian Council of Vedic Astrology (ACVA)
Member of the International Institute of Predictive Astrology (USA)
Member of the Planetary Gemologists Association Global (PG)

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