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A Marxist Revolution Is Upon Us!

       What would you say if I told you that a small group of wealthy socialists have contributed over $500 million dollars to a group expressly for the purpose of inciting massive racial unrest in our great nation to achieve the goal of bringing about a Marxist revolution in the United States?

       You probably already know that we're talking about Black Lives Matter (BLM). You also probably know that billionaire George Soros, Norman Lear, SEIU boss Anna Burger and a veritable who's who of the radical left fund this organization. But what you probably didn't know is that in addition to staging violent riots in the streets and calling for the execution of police officers, BLM is also pushing an agenda of homosexuality, transgenderism, illegal immigration and black liberation.

       That's the real agenda of BLM... an agenda that is achieved by preying upon the emotions of Blacks across the nation. And it is an agenda that WILL SUCCEED because unless patriotic Americans can raise up an organization of Black Conservatives who can counter and defeat the socialist message and anarchist mission of Black Lives Matter DIRECTLY in the black community across this nation.

       That's why I'm writing you today. Freedom's Journal Institute is relying on patriotic Americans, like you, to help us combat this menace directly in the black community by making a tax-deductible donation of $50.00 or $100.00 or whatever you can spare to help us literally save this great nation and our way of life.

       We can't stress the point enough, if you believe Black Lives Matter is all about violent protests, blocking highways and calling for the extermination of police officers, think again. They have a much more evil agenda... if such a thing is even possible.

       The identity of the founders of BLM helps explain the radical underpinnings of the BLM movement. Three leftist and pro-homosexual activists founded this organization after the death of Trayvon Martin. Two of the three, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors, identify as "queer" black women. The third founder, Opal Tometi, executive director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration, explained in an interview with The Nation that "we are diligently uplifting black trans women and so the work on the ground in many places does reflect that."

       You simply can't make stuff like that up. Cullors, incidentally, claimed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she is inspired by Assata Shakur who was convicted of first-degree murder of a New Jersey state trooper, escaped from federal prison and has been living in Cuba since 1984. Shakur was also a member of the former Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army.

       The sad truth is that BLM is only interested in promoting a "progressive" social and political agenda. Protecting Black lives is nothing more than a ruse... a ruse that is being used to instigate anarchy, affirm homosexual activity, promote illegal immigration, and affirm radical black liberation movements across the country.

       And unfortunately, most black people don't know the truth. They don't know that they are being used, as pawns, to tear this country apart; and to be perfectly frank with you, many of them won't listen unless voices within the black community rise up and take the message directly to them.

       That's why we are humbly asking for your help. Can you help us by making a tax deductible donation of $25.00 or $50.00 or even $100.00 to spread the conservative message and counter the effects of BLM in the black community? Perhaps you can help us further by donating a smaller amount and making it a reoccurring donation?

       Conservatives have long argued that liberal public policies have "systemically targeted" the black family. Liberal politicians are the new slave masters. Blacks have been deprived of their human rights and dignity mostly through government largess, which has perpetuated poverty and destroyed the black family.• The very liberal social agenda embraced by progressives who pursue bigger, more intrusive government continues to harm the lives of blacks.

       • Public schools in minority neighborhoods, shaped for decades by liberals and liberal policy, are among the worst in the nation. It's no accident.

       • The slave plantation of the 20th and 21 Centuries has relied upon Section 8 housing, food stamps and most of the programs of the modern welfare state. In essence, the plantation never went away. All that really changed are the masters; plantation owners were replaced by the federal government... a federal government that takes your hard-earned tax dollars to keep the plantation going.

       • Worse still, Planned Parenthood, and the abortion lobby in general, has targeted the black community for demise since the days when its racist founder Margret Sanger unveiled her Negro Project. Make no mistake, abortion is the leading cause of death among blacks. It is a form of genocide against the black race and the violence that occurs in minority neighborhoods in Chicago, and in cities and towns across this nation, as bad as it is, can't hold a candle to this genocide that has plagued the black community for over 40 years.

       The goal of progressive politicians and groups like BLM is to keep minorities in a state of dependence by promoting racial hatred, homosexuality (and the further deterioration of the black family) and illegal immigration, because history teaches us that those who are destitute and dependent can be called upon to be the shock-troops for revolution.

       I'm writing you today because countering the influence of BLM, which should be a common goal of ALL conservative and patriotic Americans, within the black community can, only effectively be done within the black community.

       Freedom's Journal Institute can make that happen, but we need your help. Please consider making a reoccurring and tax-deductible donation to Freedom's Journal Institute today and together we can save this nation.

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Dr. Eric M. Wallace, President
Freedom's Journal Institute
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