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You might be hearing the term “restorative justice” more often in conversations about mass incarceration and other challenges facing criminal justice systems around the world. But what exactly does it mean?

Prison Fellowship International (PFI) has been involved in the field of restorative justice since we launched the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation in 1996. We have implemented programs in more than 40 countries that are focused on restoration, resulting in a transformation that brings healing to prisoners, their families, and victims.
With your support we can continue our work and restore even more lives. 

We’d now like to share some of what we’ve learned over the course of more than two decades of work transforming lives through restorative justice. This month on Instagram, we are exploring "The Four Pillars of Restorative Justice" through a series of infographics. Each day features new content. But don't worry if you happen to miss one, they are all archived in our highlights section. We hope that you will find this series helpful and informative and that it will encourage you to explore additional resources.

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