Attempting Great Things for God

Read PFI CEO and President, Andrew D. Corley’s reflection on 2019 and how God exceeded expectations and helped PFI do more than anticipated in 2019.

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Three Countries Pilot New Public Reading of Scripture Programme

In partnership with Grace and Mercy Foundation, PFI piloted the Public Reading of Scripture programme in Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia. Read how the programme has a unique impact already!  
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Regional Forum of Latin America 2019

Read how this year’s Forum offered many opportunities to share experiences and knowledge, generate synergy, build capacity, and strengthen friendships.
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Europe & Central Asia Forum 2019

This year’s Forum provided opportunities to learn from each other’s difficult experiences and equip one another to meet the anticipated challenges throughout the region in years to come.
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PF Uruguay Grows Investment by 200%

Click to learn more about the success story and fundraising strategies PF Uruguay implemented to grow investment in their program by 200%.
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