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Alternative action sports by Chris
-The Kalemba International Skimboard Competition in Angola- Kalemba Skim uses skimboarding to do youth development in Luanda. The project is run by Tchiyna Matos and she is doing a great job. We would like to thank Kalemba Skim for this great event and inviting the 5 South African competitors back from last year's event. It was a great privilege to be part of this again. Some pics below:
Some of the competitors at the Kalemba offices.

A sunset skim session at the contest venue, Praia Cabo Ledo.

After the prize giving.

Afonso Ruiz from Portugal in action.

Thanks Handsdown skimboards for donating boards to Kalemba!

The one and only South African female competitor and only South African to place, Maine Tayler. Well done on your third placing in the woman's division!

The winner of the amateur division won an I2B shirt also.

One of my waves.

-The Cloetesville Youth Day, rollerblade demo and testimony.

-The Community Futsal Cup- I2B entered the I2B Cloetesville rollerblade club for this street soccer tournament. I was the coach for the day. It felt like we were in the world cup. My guys had lots of skill because they also play some club soccer. I'm so proud of them for taking the under 18 cup with most of them actually being under 14.

-June holiday skim day-trip to Cape Town.

-The progress of the bowl at the I2B Somerset West skate park.

Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie
-European trip continue- While in Gemona we had time to meet up with some awesome people, these people with specific needs stay at a local day centre where they develop their skills and do some sport, some even write articles in the newspaper.

We also joined a local school in their relay competition

-Local Soccer World Cup outreach- Thanks to the SSC and everyone who helped for making the outreach possible in Cloetesville, I believe peoples lives have been changed.



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Skate Clubs:
- I2B Somerset West
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- I2B Cloetesville
- I2B Kleinvlei
- I2B Belhar
- I2B Bonteheuwel

Skimboarding Clubs:
- I2B Strand
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Athletics for people with disabilities:
- Alta du Toit
- Pioneer school for the blind
- Individuals

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