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Alternative action sports by Chris
-A visit to a youth correctional centre- One of our club members moved away from the area where the I2B club was. He grew up staying with his grandmother but wanted to go stay with his mother and other family after being in high school for about two years. This particular area where he moved to has a way higher crime rate. Unfortunately it wasn't long after he moved away that he had to go to this centre for a knife stabbing. Please pray that God will really change his life around inside this centre.

-Winter skim club- When the rain is pouring down and the wind is howling in Gordon's Bay, we still have the Spur right on the beach to go grab a hot chocolate.... and an I2B life-lesson-session of course!

-The AllinSkim day on an icy day in Pringles Bay.

-The Downhill Core Sokkie Jol- It was great to help with the setup of this longboarding downhill event in JBay during the Billabong Winterfest. This formed part of our CS SA tour.

-Progress of the roof for the I2B Bowl- Sadly the wall-ride blew over after the stormy winds last month. Hopefully we can get a new wall-ride built together with the roof that can handle this wind in Somerset West. 

Before and after pics:

Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie
-Training Camp in Durban- We enjoyed some warm weather in Durban and made some new friends.

We also went to visit Shofar Durban, great time in the Father's presence.
-Paralympic Anniversary Games- We had great favor in the whole journey, good to race on the London track again. Well done Charl with your performance.

-Stellenbosch Rugby Academy- I shared my sporting journey with the players at the rugby clinic for high school learners.

CSA - Christian Skaters Africa by Chris

-The CS SA Tour- We had CS gatherings around the eastern regions of SA with the aim to launch new clubs or inspire existing clubs. God really did amazing stuff at each stop and He really fulfilled His plans I believe. Thanks to all who formed part of this. We ran best trick comps at each venue but the main focus was to connect with leaders. 

We did the following stops:
Durban @ Beachfront skatepark
Weather was really bad and was tough to do on a week day. We connected with the local skateboarders who came to skate in the cold and wet weather. 

Johannesburg @ 3 square skatepark.

Lots of people. Great turn out. Great weather. Awesome potential.

Pretoria/Brits @ Harties skatepark
It seemed like there was going to be very little happening at Harties because it is so far out of town but the day turned out amazing. We had a skate, roll and bmx comp!

Bloemfontein @ 29 degrees South skatepark

Skateboarding only event. The wind blew too hard to put up a gazebo. People from Bloem still showed up and it was great fun. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to do an alter call and 5 people gave their hearts to the Lord. So stoked! CS Bloem also got birthed from this tour. Louis, you are a legend. Thanks for persevering there in the Free State, taking lead to shine God's light in your skate community.

Jeffrey's Bay @ main beach basketball court

The skatepark was closed so we had to use the beach front basketball court. No skaters showed so we ended up having a basketball knock out round with the youth from JBay who were hanging around the basketball court. Crazy how God just showed us that He is in control. He wants us to further His Kingdom in any way He asks of us. He had an appointment with each of those basketball kids on that day I believe.

-News from CS Paarl-
Dave Emmerson from Scottland(the tall guy in the pic)  started CS Paarl about 4 years ago. He has really given much of his time and effort to this skate community besides being a youth pastor. Since this club started he and his church had the desire to bless the community and reach them with the love of Christ in a practical way. The dream was to start a skatepark. At the end of the day they decided to put their money where their mouth is and fund the concrete, with the help of a sister church in California. Dave left back to Scotland beginning August. We honor you Dave! We will miss you here in SA. The legacy you leave in Paarl is surely a huge blessing. Thank you!
Below, Dave's last
CS Paarl club session:

The concrete for the CS Paarl skatepark:


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