Son Skate Stellenbosch, June 2010!

Stay updated on the South African skate ministry scene!

June was a great month with two big Christian skate events happening:
1. The Son Skate Jam at our skate park:

This was a fundraiser competition. We used the money to help people go to the Son Skate National Conference. This was a really fun competition and lots of good athletes came out to compete in the event. I shared a short testimony at the end. Great prizes were won thanks to all the sponsors.

2. The Son Skate National Conference:

This is definitely one of the high lights of our year. I believe each person that went to the conference were touched by God. The conference was aimed a bit more at leadership development. That is why we will be looking at doing a Son Skate camp later this year.

Thanks for taking an interest in Son Skate.

Best regards, 
Chris van der Merwe
Son Skate Stellenbosch 

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