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Alternative action sports
-Bonteheuwel project on SABC1- Earl Abrahams from Uneek Mvmnt and I2B partners on the Bonteheuwel skate club project and SABC1 filmed a day for the programme called "Play Your Part".

-First moves- The grindbox was the first obstacle to get moved from the warehouse to a public venue, the Strand skate park called Smoothies. We are looking to create a new I2B public skate park in Somerset West that is free of charge to skate and open for all. We have to move ramp by ramp and cover each ramp with metal sheets. This will take time and will be expensive. We are looking for people who are willing to donate sheet metal. We need 40 sheets and it is R500 a sheets. Please let me know if you would like to help us. Thanks!

-Sponsored product- Some pads for the I2B Kleinvlei kids and some 2nd hand shoes, thanks to Revolution, for the I2B Belhar guys. Thanks to Christian Surfers from Strand for sponsoring some wetsuits for our clubs to skim with.

-The Langebaan School holiday camp- The long awaited trip to Langebaan skate park for the I2B Cloetesville and I2B Belhar clubs. These guys were so happy to finally go on a camp.

Testimony: we went in three cars to Langebaan. One car broke down way before Malmesbury. A week before the trip I left some rope in my car so we ended up towing the car to Malmesbury. It was Saturday after 1 and all the places were closed but we found one random place open and the guys were generous enough to have a look at our car. Lydon the legend had to stay behind with his car (thanks for your help Lydon) but fortunately the rest of the kids could fit into my wife and I's cars. We were going to camp in tents. When we got there it was raining so the owner of the skate park allowed us to stay inside the hall at the skate park. Everyone got mattresses and we could watch skate movies on the flat screen. The best of all is that two guys committed their lives to Jesus that evening!

The Sunday was like a summers day in winter and we all went for a skim at the beach!

Oom Roy and Auntie Thelma was a real blessing at the Langebaan skate park, they are doing a great job with the kids over there. And thanks to my beautiful wife for helping with the transport of the kids.

Athletics for youth with disabilities 
-Congratulations- On the 20th of June they announced the team that will represent South Africa at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Congratulations to everyone making the team. We are over joyed to let you know that Jan and Duane also made the team!

-Sending the athletes- Thanks to our church Shofar who prayed for the athletes that will go to London.

-Europe Trip- In preparation for the Games the athletes from Stellenbosch are currently training in the Canary Islands at Club La Santa. We are enjoying the sunny weather and will run some races in Germany and the Netherlands!

You can donate anything, doesn't matter how small, towards one of the following projects:
- I2B Kleinvlei skatepark and club
- I2B Belhar skatepark and club
- I2B Cloetesville skatepark and club
- I2B Bonteheuwel mobile skatepark
- I2B Stellenbosch Skatepark and club
- I2B Kayamandi club at Stellenbosch Park

- Strand Skimboarding club
- Somerset West skatepark and club
- Athletics for youth with disabilities

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Prayer requests:
-We thank God for everyone who supports us and we pray for blessings upon your lives.
-For I2B to influence lots of young people's lives in a positive way.
-For financial, material, equipment and service(volunteer) sponsorships.
-For the blessing of God on our support team and our projects.

Thank you for your support and interest!

Chris van der Merwe
Executive Director



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