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Athletics for youth with disabilities
-Fanie's 200m results and testimony at London:

Hi guys! So I came sixth in my 200m final! My motto for this year was to run, live for Jesus and worship Him in everything I do! Living up to that when the race did not go as planned at all is hard. It is really tough but may He be glorified in my life whether I win or lose because life is all about Him, His glory not ours (easier said than done).

Before the race I was expectant and confident. I came into the race as the world record holder and I am in the best shape I can be. It was a great reality shock realizing I just came sixth. I looked at the SA boytjies sitting in the athletes stand situated at the finish line and it was just silence, looking more shocked than I was (haha). I lifted my hands and walked off. Being the first track athlete I really wanted to encouraged the guys through my performance. I was concerned how this would influence them but God do not need "my great performance" to encourage them, He is their courage and strength! Lying in my bed that night, not being able to sleep, my head was so full of negativity and accusations. It felt as if I am going crazy. I stood up knelt at my bed and said, yes Lord I need Your help, I need You to save me from this and carry me trough this! (Rom14:11 "For it is written, As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God" that Jesus Christ is Lord) I went out of my room and sat down in the bathroom. It felt if I had nothing... but I had Jesus and that was enough, and the enemy was trying to steal even Jesus from me. I believe God said to me that He is proud of me because I am His son, not because of my performance and no medal can ever cause Him to be more proud of me (not even a gold medal... haha).

Seeing Charl, Dyan and Anrune perform last night with the Spirit leading them gave me the greatest joy and I worshiped God for that! They make me so proud and I haven't slept as peaceful and easy as I slept last night as ever on this trip.

My coach wrote me a letter before we came saying may you experience God's pride over you in this games and it has been so real!

In my dvd I said that I would follow the plan that He has for my life and that His will may take place in my life... I choose to believe that this is in God's perfect plan for my life right here, right now. I look forward to what lies ahead.

All my love

Alternative action sports
-The big move continues. These are the steps we had to take to get the skate park from the warehouse in Stillnessosch to Somerset West:
Paint a wood seal on all the ramps

Dissemble all the ramps and transport it on a big trailer.

Take breaks to eat. Thanks to the I2B Cloetesville club who helped the most out of all the clubs.

Pack all the ramps at Somerset West, Radloff park.

We are waiting on the new concrete slab that will be done by the local municipality. We still need to do 2 more coats of wood seal and then put metal sheets over all the ramps.
We still need:
-10 x 5l wood seal tins at R400 a tin
-40 x metal sheets at R500 a sheet
-That adds to R24 000 to complete the skate park in Somerset West

If you would like to buy one tin or one sheet of metal please donate the money into our account below:
Account name:          Inspired2Become
Bank:                         FNB
Branch code:            200610
Account No:              62350310919
Account type:            Business Cheque Account
Reference:                Name (optional)
Swift code:                NEDSZAJJ

Prayer requests:
-Please pray for Fanie's 100m race coming up this Saturday.
-Please pray for the Somerset West skate park support.

Thank you. God bless.

Chris van der Merwe
Executive Director



C: 072 99 27 408