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What we do every month to get the youth inspired!

Alternative action sports
-Cloetesville Skate Comp
-After the launch of the Cloetesville skatepark last month we decided to do skate comp this month together with the municipality. Even the major of Stellenbosch was here, great.

-Cloetesville Skatepark fix- The youngsters from the community came to help to fix the surface and we built two rails.

-New Skates- Earl
Abrahams helped us to get three pairs of beginner skates for our programme. Thanks Earl!

-Kleinvlei rail fixed- I2B took the initiative to just fix this rail once and for all :)

-Keenen from Kleinvlei got new wheels sponsored by I2B

-We also painted the Son Skate shop- A new fresh look!

-Son Skate Stellenbosch Coaching- Below is one of the groups I coached in the month.

-Strand Skimboarding Club- I2B started a skimboarding club in Strand after realizing the need for kids to practice affordable sports at the beach. This is also a contact point for I2B to do life skills with kids coming to the beach and wanting to join the club.

Athletics for youth with disabilities
-Athletes at Oom Angus- We took some of our I2B athletes to the Mighty Men's Conference on the Sunday.

-I2B at the Boland athletics champs for schools with disabilities - Fanie got invited as a guest speaker at this event. This was an amazing opportunity for him to encourage many kids.

You can now sponsor a kid membership to the skatepark for R80 a month and coaching classes for R240 a month. We will provide the equipment.
Zynn                                      Nathan                                   Dylan

OR you can donate anything towards one of the following projects:
- Son Skate Stellenbosch skatepark
- Kleinvlei Skatepark
- Cloetesville skatepark
- Strand Skimboarding club
- Athletics for youth with disabilities

Just add us to your online banking beneficiaries and sponsor a kid or project monthly:

Son Skate
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You can also just click on the PayPal donate button below (or donate to on the PayPal website).

Prayer requests:
-Financial support for Inspired 2 Become to meet our budget for 2011.
-For I2B to influence lots of young people's lives in a positive way.
-The blessing of God on our support team.

Thank you for your support and interest!
Chris van der Merwe
Executive Director



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