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Alternative action sports by Chris
-Fixed up skates- These skates are put together from old second hand parts to make a nice skate. Below is Ruben and his skates that got some good second-hand wheels.

-Own skates- Some of the club members have been saving up to buy their own skates. I2B decided to rather let the members pay a small amount when they want to buy their own skates. We realized that we are teaching them the wrong values by just giving free equipment away if they haven't worked hard or payed for it.

-New ramps for smoothies- We fixed up some old ramps and took it to the skate park in Strand, called Smoothies, where our I2B Strand Skate Club is.

-More ramps for getting fixed up and built for Smoothies- Thanks Stefan and Bruce for your help.

-Club members makes commitment- I was told by Ps Theo from Somerset West that the majority of Christians make a commitment to Jesus before the age of 10. At the clubs last week we chatted about fears as part of the life skills program. Most of the kids said that it is Jesus who helps them not to be scared. This spontaneously led to giving the club members a choice if they want to except Jesus into their hearts to help them not to be scared and to overcome fears. Thirteen club members decided to except Jesus into their hearts.

Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie 

-Wedding day-  Congratulations to Dyan and Erna Buis on their wedding the 16th of February, may God bless you and Keep you. You are an inspiration.

-Maties league- Well done to Divan Engelbrecht for breaking his 100m, 200m and 400m personal best in one day!

-Guest speaker and handing out trophies - I shared my testimony at the Shofar first years' service. I also got invited to hand out trophies at the annual school athletics competition between The Settlers, Fairmont High  and Durbanville High. 

You can make a donation in support of the following sport & life skills clubs: (Your donations help us to buy equipment, build facilities and cover running costs.)
Skate Clubs:
- I2B Somerset West
- I2B Strand

- I2B Cloetesville
- I2B Kleinvlei
- I2B Belhar
- I2B Bonteheuwel

Skimboarding Clubs:
- I2B Strand
- I2B Gordonsbay

Athletics for people with disabilities:
- Alta du Toit
- Pioneer school for the blind
- Individuals

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Prayer requests:
-For an awesome 2013 for I2B.
-For financial, material, equipment and volunteer support.
-For the blessing of God on our support team and our projects.

Thank you for your support and interest!

Chris and Fanie van der Merwe



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